I started my fine art education in high school many years ago.  I then continued that education in college where I decided to focus on photography. While in college I studied many different skills and forms of fine art that I use in my photography.


But you are not here to learn about my fine art background you want to know if I will be the best photographer to capture and preserve your wedding.  


Wedding photography is one of the more difficult forms of photography.  As a wedding photographer I am required to wear many hats on your wedding day.  I am a product photographer, fashion photographer, portrait photographer, documentary/photo journalist, and more often than not; a time keeper, psychologist, and dress fluffer. (just to name a few)  Preforming all these different forms of photography (and non photography tasks) in one day, switching between each within minutes is a delicate dance that takes years and lots of weddings to master.  I truly believe experience, education and if you like(love) their work are the basis for choosing a wedding photographer.



Here are 5 reasons you should meet with me!

You know my education background, where it started and that I continue to learn everyday.

Here is my background in weddings specifically:

I started wedding photography in 2002 with another photographer.  I was the assistant, light holder, and film changer. But as I assisted this photographer I was learning. I still apply some of the things I learned then to my work today.  


I captured several weddings for friends and family on my own after leaving that photography studio and opened my business in 2008.  I have captured over 100 plus weddings, allowing me to predict and be prepared for most scenarios.  I also make sure to bring all the proper equipment necessary for any lighting situation.


I am a photographer of all light, natural, flash, bounced and ambient. I pride myself in making sure your photographs are beautifully lit and show depth and contrast.  You are hiring a professional and as a result you will receive professional results.


I am a full time photographer, which allows me to give my full concentration to my clients. 


Thank you for reading, I really look forward to meeting with you and the opportunity to work with you! 


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