A wedding in a vineyard

October 29, 2016  •  29 Comments


Vinoklet is a stunning backdrop for any wedding .

I'll Have the A-La-Carte, Please!

April 26, 2016  •  16 Comments

      Hello! You may have noticed our unannounced, brief hiatus from the blog world, but we are BACK! I can't guarantee how regular our postings will be, but we have several exciting changes to our business that we will be unveiling in the months to come.

      Our first announcement has to do with changes in our pricing structure that directly impacts YOU, our clients! We still have our 4 collections that we have always offered. These collections always include: 8 hours of wedding day photography, 2 photographers, a wedding album, etc. Depending on which collection you chose, we offer additional items like parent albums, high-resolution files, etc. What we found were clients increasingly wanting to create their own collections based on what they prioritized for their wedding day, and their budget. This led to a huge "a-HA!" moment for us! So in our off-season "break" we decided to mix things up and really make sure that our business was properly focused on our clientele and what we can offer our wedding couples.

Enter: the A-la-Carte Collection!

      We considered being more creative with the name, but ultimately decided there was no better descriptor than exactly what we offer. A-la-carte, like eating at a restaurant, is where we break down our services and products to what each individually costs, so we can build the collection that is precisely you! We will always include 2 photographers, and all we ask is that you spend a minimum of $800.00 on your personal collection--and from there we build exactly what you need!

Bishop-293Picture! Who reads a photography blog without pictures?!?       Here's an example: Raven and Will* were our first couple who worked on this endeavor with us. They had a budget of $2,000 and we discussed at length what they could choose from on our list of services and products. We worked out a rough wedding day schedule based on their locations and what they wanted their day to be, and determined that they would need a maximum of 6 hours of photography. With that determined, they still had plenty in their budget to decide what other services they wanted to include! They ended up choosing: a wedding album, a professional-quality print collection, and in-studio projection of their wedding pictures. (Raven really wanted to experience the excitement and drama of our in-studio projection of their pictures after their wedding day). When everything was said and done, we came in under their budget, and they signed a contract for everything they wanted included for their wedding photography! It doesn't get any better than that!

Downs-11Gorgeous boutonniere detail! ​      Another couple, Christy and Stan* came to us with budget of $900, and their wedding day schedule already complete. Christy didn't want any getting ready pictures, and Stan preferred high-resolution files instead of a wedding album. Done! Their collection reflects what they want for their wedding day, AND appropriately fit their budget! We couldn't agree more--their photography collection is absolutely ideal for them!

      Ultimately, we are SO incredibly excited to be able to offer this flexibility to clients! We are able to match almost any budget, and we are giving you, our clients (and potential clients; nudge, nudge, wink) exactly what YOU want in your wedding photography. The more we hear from you, the more we will offer! So don't be shy about telling us what would be in your ideal wedding photography collection!

      Want to know exactly what our pricing is and what it includes? Contact us to schedule a meeting!

*Names have been changed for privacy.*

5 Favorites from Kaity & Mason's Wedding!

December 10, 2015  •  15 Comments

      Despite a little bit of rain, Kaity and Mason's September wedding day was absolutely beautiful! Their ceremony was at All Saints Church and their reception was at 21st Century Theater in Oakley. We were excited that the bride and groom wanted several pictures of themselves and their bridal party downtown around the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Scheduling this extra time in their wedding day allowed us plenty of time for artistic, fun pictures of Kaity, Mason, and their bridal party. We had lots of absolutely gorgeous pictures to choose from for this installment of our 5 favorites, and this time we decided to go with some unique pictures! Enjoy!

Photograph 1: "We're MARRIED!!"

      Molly captured this instant as Kaity and Mason walked back down the aisle to thunderous applause after their wedding ceremony. My eyes go right to Kaity's face. The look that she and Mason are sharing is the look of newlyweds, happiness, excitement, and love. I think it showcases what every bride is thinking after the end of their ceremony, a mixture of thoughts and emotions: all of the planning, excitement building, and this is it! You're married! I think it's so neat that Molly was able to capture this emotion, it happens in a split second before your turn forward to enjoy the rest of your day.

Photograph 2: Unique Details Picture

Bishop-205Bishop-205       Molly always tells our clients that she prefers to take detail pictures of the dress, jewelry, etc. when they are ON someone. This adds an emotional, human element to the pictures and details. I love this picture for several reasons. First, it's a really unique details shot. It's not just Kaity in her dress, Mason is part of the picture. Second, it show cases lots of details! From the back of Kaity's dress, to the buttons, the beading on it, her bracelet, to the length and beading of her veil--so many pretty things to take in! Third, it even showcases Mason! His suit, pocket square, even his wedding ring! I can't image a more beautiful way to showcase all of these items.

Photograph 3: Clouds Make for a Breathtaking Background!

Bishop-257Bishop-257       You know that Molly is famous for her "sky shots." She tries to get dramatic pictures of the brides and grooms with beautiful sky-scapes behind them. Even on a cloudy day, it's no different! The clouds on their wedding day provided a saturated, completely unique, beautiful backdrop for Kaity and Mason! Maybe it's just my imagination, but I think the gray in the sky highlights and shows off Mason's gray suit even more than usual. It also provides an ideal contrast for Kaity's wedding dress! With the lighting Molly provided, the happy couple just seem to glow against the darker background, don't they?! I just love this picture!

Photograph 4: Beautiful Reception Lighting! Bishop-274Bishop-274       I know that 21st Century Theater always has the twinkle lights coming down from the ceiling, but I'm not sure if they always have the highlights on all of the centerpieces. This overview of Kaity and Mason's reception is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! They added the "Love" on the stage behind their head table, and it fits in with the room perfectly! The soft lighting, the table highlights, and the dark romantic feel of the room definitely makes us feel the 'Love,' how about you?

Photograph 5: Before and After


      One thing we love about 21st Century Theater is that they are able to change their sign for all of their couples! For their engagement session, Kaity was able to arrange that the theater would have their sign changed for them to use for their save the date. Planning this also allowed for the ideal mirror image from their engagement to their wedding! It's so much fun to have a venue offer these types of unique services to their couples, and we love to include these details in wedding pictures!

Congratulations, Kaity and Mason! We are so glad you chose us to be part of your day and wish you a lifetime of love, health, and happiness!

Which is your favorite photograph?

5 Favorites from Jessica & Zach's Wedding!

November 12, 2015  •  18 Comments

      We've been working with Jessica and Zach a little over a year. If you remember, they had a gorgeous fall engagement session last year at Eden Park! Their wedding was in September of this year, and despite some rain, they had a perfect wedding day! Jessica and Zach's friends and family were so nice and so much fun to work with! We spent some time at a couple of their favorite parks taking pictures, and after the ceremony, we took pictures of Jessica and Zach around the church. Nighttime wedding pictures--I'm not sure there's anything more romantic than that! Onto our more than 5 favorites!

1. Picture Perfect Reactions

       Jessica's parents' house had the most ideal entry way for a dramatic dress reveal! Jessica had only allowed her mom and sister to see her dress, and hadn't even described it to her bridesmaids. So, when Jessica wanted to do a big reveal to her life-long friends, having her appear at the top of the staircase was the perfect location! Jessica was not disappointed with her bridesmaid's reactions: they screamed, they 'ooh-ed' and 'ahhh-ed', and a couple even wiped away tears. Watching this series is the best way to show the reaction. Doesn't it make you want to do a dress reveal of your own!?!

2.  Inspired Church Picture

Reynolds-459Reynolds-459       Zach and Jessica got married at St. Louis Church in Owensville, OH. While Jessica wasn't a fan of the altar decoration and colors, she and Zach both loved the architecture of the arches and pillars of the church. After the ceremony and family formals, Molly had an inspiration for a breath-taking picture outside of the church.  With it being so dark outside, the church lights inside were glowing in a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Molly propped open all of the church doors, and balanced lights outside to illuminate the pillars, brick, and stained glass windows. She posed the bride and groom against one of the pillars, and BOOM!! Talk about a WOW shot!!

3. Throwback Shot

Reynolds-461Reynolds-461       While we were taking pictures of Jessica and Zach, Jessica specifically requested a picture that was similar to one that Molly set up for her engagement picture. Jessica wanted a picture of her and Zach leaning against one of the church pillars much like we had done with Jessica leaning against a tree with her face turned toward the sun during their engagement session. (Click here for a look back at their engagement session...it's #5!) Molly was so happy to oblige, and I love that Jessica thought to do this! The two images create a neat mirror from their engagement to their wedding, and we love it!

4. Father Daughter Dance

Reynolds--374Reynolds--374       Molly is a pro at capturing the emotion of the moment. And this picture simply speaks for itself. The lighting, the emotion...This image perfectly captures what father/bride dances are all about.

5. This is Why You Hire Us!

Reynolds-474Reynolds-474       You've realized by now that all of those beautiful, romantic pictures of Jessica and Zach were in the dark. I mean, it was pitch black outside! Jessica was wanting a more casual picture of her entire bridal party (rather than the formal ones at the church altar). Molly had everyone gather around the bride and groom on the steps leading into the church. This is where the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer comes in! First, it is incredibly difficult to properly balance the light to illuminate everyone appropriately without overexposing their faces or Jessica's bright white dress. Second, it's hard to trick the camera to focus properly when it's so dark outside. Third, when you have such a large group, you need to ensure that everyone is properly lit and no one's face is in shadow (so much easier said than done). Ultimately, you need to hire a professional photographer with all of the knowledge that Molly has, and all of the proper professional equipment needed for the picture to come out absolutely perfect! This picture perfectly captures all of their bridal party members and creates a fun memory of their day.

      Jessica & Zach: Thank you for hiring us for your wedding! We really enjoyed working with you!

      Readers: Which picture (or series of pictures) is your favorite!?

Happy First Anniversary, Sharona & Darrius!

October 22, 2015  •  14 Comments

  Sharona and Darrius' wedding was an absolutely gorgeous day! They had their ceremony at Zion Global Ministries, and their reception at The Elements Event Center. Sharona made sure all kinds of special details were included throughout their day, and she had a blue and orange color scheme! Sooo creative! If you remember from their 5 Favorites, she even had a LOVE SEAT on a stage instead of a head table!! We can't believe it's already been a year since their special day. Here's a look back:


Essex-061Essex-061 Essex-092Essex-092

Seriously, how sweet is this next picture?! Sharona & her dad are approaching the altar, while in the background, Darrius is wiping away tears. Aww!

Essex-215Essex-215 Essex-336Essex-336 Essex-338Essex-338 This next photograph has become such an iconic picture for us! We are starting to get recognized at bridal shows by fellow vendors and show attendees for it. The up-lighting in the background provides the perfect contrast for Sharona. Her look of love and peace while she and Darrius dance is absolutely beautiful. We hope every bride has a moment like this on her wedding day. 

Essex-363Essex-363 Here it is: The legendary love seat!! We absolutely loved this special addition to their day.

Essex-387Essex-387 Sharona and Darrius, thank you again for including us on your special day! Happy First Anniversary, we wish you a lifetime of love, health, and happiness!