Flower detailFlower detailDetail photograph of the bride's bouquet.
Welcome to the Molly Grosse Photography blog.  I hope you come away from the posts with more information about me, how I think about wedding photography and some tips for a better wedding photography experience.  Enjoy!

How to Make your Cake Cutting Photo Ready!

In our effort to give advice on unique wedding and reception-related subjects, we thought it might be helpful to both the wedding couple and their photographer to give so...
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A little advice about Sparkler exits

Hi Readers, Sparkler exits are a really great way to add excitement to your night, but before you plan it consider this: Invest in the large/long sparklers. These spark...
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Wedding photography timelines

Hi Readers, So the hardest part about planning a wedding is the timeline. Yes even harder than the seating chart! Now I don't plan the entire day out with you,...
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To do a first look or not? That is the question.

Hi Readers, First looks are one of those new-ish wedding traditions that are important to some and not so much to others, and either way you go is OKAY. A little back...
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Why it's okay if I haven't been to your venue

Hi Readers, I want to clear up a few things about my thought process where it pertains to venues and locations for wedding days. First things first, the Greater Cincinna...
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