5 Favorites from Lexie & Jason's Wedding!

October 15, 2014  •  1 Comment

      Lexie and Jason had a gorgeous outdoor summer wedding in August. Their ceremony and reception were held at Aston Oaks Golf Course. They are such a sweet, funny couple, and we really enjoyed spending time with them and their wedding party as we travelled the golf course for some sunset pictures. They planned a beautiful, intimate wedding with their families and close friends. Before the wedding, they even took dance lessons, which made their first dance incredibly sweet and lovely. Here's our 5 Favorites from their special day!

Photograph 1: Mesmerizing Eyes

      We'd be lying if we said that Molly and I weren't a little obsessed with this photograph! Her eyes, the deep colors, the intricacy of her veil shown off by the perfect photographic exposure; the exotic, mesmerizing beauty of Lexie's eyes...This picture is absolutely breath-taking! Your eye is immediately drawn to her eyes. They are perfectly framed by her hair and her veil. The green background provides a perfect contract for her light hair and veil. This shot is a gorgeous, unique bridal portrait!

Photograph 2: Three Generations

      It's wonderful when a couple plans their wedding with their family members as an integral part of their day. On his wedding day, Jason was so excited, not only to marry Lexie, but to get important family pictures. He requested his grandfather arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony so that he could be present for family portraits. So in honor of Jason's request, how could we not include this great picture of 3 generations of Fahey gentlemen!? Also, notice how brightly Jason is beaming in this picture--we love incredibly happy, smiling grooms!

Photograph 3: Jason's First Look

      You know how I look for the story in the picture? Well the story told by this picture is one of my favorites! Even though Jason doesn't take up a majority of the frame, your focus still goes directly to him. You can tell in this photograph that Lexie is being escorted by her parents down the aisle. Lexie and Jason chose not to have a first look, so her walking down the aisle is the first glance that Jason has of his bride. And his reaction is Priceless! His emotion and tearing up brings tears to our eyes!

Photograph 4: Unique, Candid Wedding Party

      We can't express enough how much we love, love, LOVE the perfect, golden light from the setting sun during photography sessions. Just take a look at Jason and Lexie--sure, they're already glowing from happiness, but add their exuberance to the fantastic light from the sunset and you have a beautiful bridal couple in the foreground of this picture! In the background, you can see their bridal party casually chatting, adding depth to the picture. What makes this picture unique is having the bridal party highlighted by the sunset in the back of the photograph while maintaining the focus on Lexie and Jason. 

Photograph 5: Couple in Love

       While out and about at Aston Oaks, we went to where they had a view of the Ohio River for miles. We took several pictures up there, but our favorite is this one of Lexie and Jason. We love the way the sunlight hits her dress highlighting the details and casts a subtle glow over the whole image. Can you see the small smile on Jason's face? Small, romantic gestures like that in pictures make them even better, don't you agree?

      Lexie and Jason, we were so excited to be a part of your wedding day! Congratulations, we wish you a lifetime of as much love, happiness, and teasing jokes as you had on your special day!


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