5 Favorites from Monica & Matt's Wedding

October 09, 2014  •  2 Comments

      Monica and Matt had a beautiful early August wedding. The day was sunny with just a few sprinkles, and their sunset reception at Lake Lindsay provided some wonderful light for photographs of the two newlyweds! Monica and Matt were married in the same church as Matt's grandparents and parents which made their wedding ceremony location incredibly sentimental! These two chose to incorporate some unique elements in their day: they had a historic car take them to their reception instead of a limo; and Monica's parents carved ALL of their table numbers! Amazing, right? That's a lot of work! Overall, their day was a big celebration of their love, and we were thrilled to be a part of it!

Photograph 1: The Bridal Portrait

Monica's Bridal Portrait       We just love this picture of Monica in her bridal attire! She's simply glowing! Her eyes seem to captivate you, with her face beautifully framed by her veil. You can see a few details of her dress, including the intricate lace on the sleeve.

Photograph 2: Sisters!

Anderson-050       Monica's sister, Stella, was her maid of honor, and we were so excited to have captured this look and genuine smiles they shared! Molly had lined up all of the bridesmaids around Monica and instructed them to look at each other in no particular order, just anywhere but the camera. Stella and Monica immediately looked at each other and shared this look of pure happiness and excitement. Their sibling bond is evident in this photograph.

Photograph 3: The Bride and Groom

      If you remember our post on Monica & Matt's engagement session, you'll recall that I was impressed with the fact that Monica is always, always smiling. But on her wedding day, Monica's smile was bigger and brighter than ever! Immediately following their ceremony, we took the newlyweds outside for a few photographs before going into the reception. The soft sunlight from the setting sun was a perfect match to their newlywed glow. I love the comfort you can see between Monica and Matt, with Matt's arm wrapped around Monica. And the way that Monica is grinning so broadly while glancing back at Matt, her new husband!? This is the way we hope all brides look and feel on their wedding day!

Photograph 4: Romantic First Dance

      Matt and Monica had a beautiful reception at Lake Lyndsay, and shared a romantic first dance. This picture from their first dance is one of our favorites. All of the focus on the photograph is on Matt, and the way he is lovingly gazing at Monica. She provides the perfect frame and 'completes the story' of the picture. 

Photograph 5: FIREWORKS!

      It's not often that we have the opportunity to photograph a fireworks display at a wedding reception! We were excited that Monica and Matt included one on their special day, and had their guests participate in a sparkler "exit" to view the fireworks. This picture is our favorite for plenty of reasons: We love the soft, dark lighting provided by the fireworks and the sparklers being held by the guests. Matt and Monica are walking away from the camera, but this allows Monica's dress to trail behind her absolutely perfectly. Not only that, but Monica's sparkler provides a little extra light so the details on her dress become more visible. Instead of walking arm-in-arm, Matt and Monica are walking with their arms around each others' waists which brings them closer together in the photograph. Add all of these details to a perfectly erupting firework overhead, and you have a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous picture! 

      Monica and Matt, we were so happy to be included in your wedding day, Thank You! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together! 

      Readers: Which is your favorite photograph?


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Love all of these photos! Can't decide which is the best -- probably the fireworks photo at the end.
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