5 Favorites from Jessica & Zach's Engagement Session

November 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

      Jessica and Zach are a friendly, enjoyable couple. Spending time with them is easy and their engagement session time seemed to fly by! Jessica was adamant about having fall colors in their engagement pictures, and we certainly lucked out! We met with them at Eden Park, and wandered around the park looking for beautiful light from the sunset and inspiring views of the river and fall colors. Here's a fun fact about Molly and her style: even when she has been to a location before to take pictures, she always challenges herself to not repeat the same poses and same locations. I (Rhonda) have been to Eden Park with Molly several times, and we have never walked the same path or gone to the same locations. With Molly's guidance, we got some absolutely beautiful, fun pictures of Jessica and Zach! Here are our 5 Favorites:

1. The Sweet Nuzzle

      What's not to love about this picture?? It's a perfect picture of a couple in love. The lighting is illuminating both of their faces and Jessica's beautiful hair. I love their pose in this one too. Jessica is nuzzling Zach while his arm is wrapped sweetly around her. Her look of happiness, contentment, and love is reflected in his small smile as he gazes down at her. Don't forget about the sunset and dramatic views of the river in the background! All of these details make for an absolutely beautiful picture!

2. Big Smiles!

      What I like about this one is how close the photograph is cropped on Jessica and Zach. And their pose of this picture: Look how flattering it is for Jessica! She's leaning against a wall at the perfect height for her to casually do so, while Zach stands behind her softly resting his hand on her arm. The picture is closely focused on them in a way that isn't often seen during engagement sessions. It's clear how happy they are and comfortable they are with each other. And, there's a hint of the fall colors Jessica was wanting in the background!

3. The Romantic Black & White

      You know that Molly and I love black and white pictures because they seem to help you focus on the emotion in the photograph. When you gaze at this picture don't you get a sense of the stillness of the moment? Both Zach and Jessica's eyes are closed; and there is a small smile on Jessica's lips, giving you a feeling of her love for Zach. You can tell the moment was comfortable, quiet, and calm. Kind of makes you take a slow, deep, breath...doesn't it? 

4. Jessica's the same height at Zach? And All Those Fall Colors!

      Let me explain: it's not often that we are able to pose a couple with the bride behind the groom. Unless they are very close in height, and the situation is appropriate for posing them in this way; it's a pose that you very rarely see. And, you would never guess it (Molly posed them in ways to make up for their height difference), but Zach is about a foot taller than Jessica. Thanks to some shoes with a bit of heel that Jessica chose, and an appropriately high curb, we were able to achieve this unique pose for these two! Posing a bride and groom in this fashion makes for an interesting variation for photographs. And, framing the picture with Jessica and Zach off to one side and not in the middle of the frame allows your eye to notice the fall leaf colors in the background.  

5. Illuminated Love

      This is one of those locations in Eden Park that Molly has never photographed in before! We were looking for some beautiful sunlight from the sunset, and this grove of trees was perfectly illuminated by a ray of light. We quickly made our way over to take advantage of the truly ideal golden light! Of the ones we took there, this is my favorite. I love how the light is perfectly golden on Jessica's face and hair as she gazes directly toward the horizon. Her look of happiness as Zach gently hugs her and leans down is so sweet. The tree provides a perfect balance on the right side of the photograph to show off the green trees with hints of yellow (also illuminated by the setting sun) on the left side. Just looking at this picture makes me smile!

      Jessica and Zach, we are so excited for your fall wedding next year!

      Let us know which photograph is your favorite! 


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