5 Favorites from Kristen & Kyle's Wedding!

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      Kristen and Kyle had the most perfect day for their wedding and reception at the Manor House this September. It was warm and sunny, flowers were still blooming, and the sky was a perfect shade of blue. Their first look was followed by a gorgeous outdoor ceremony behind the Manor House; after that guests went into the Crystal Room for the reception. Kristen and Kyle are an easy-going, sweet, down-to-earth couple making it a pleasure to spend the day with them and their family and friends. We enjoyed working with them, and were so honored to capture their wedding day memories! There were so many wonderful moments and photographs from their day, it was hard to narrow our favorites down to just 5, but we managed! Onto our favorite, unique photographs!

Photograph 1: The Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portrait

      Molly loves this picture because of all of the correct technical aspects of it. She had Kristen stand next to a window out of frame on the right side of the picture and another window behind Kristen's right shoulder outside of the left frame of the photo. This natural light allowed the exposure to be absolutely ideal for this photograph. You can tell the exposure is perfect by looking at the light and dark areas of this picture. Light items to look at are the detailed folds in Kristen's veil and the details on the top of her dress. You can also see the details and strands on Kristen's hair. Noticing and being able to see these minute details means the photograph is in perfect exposure. The light on Kristen's face is gentle and flattering to her features. And the window behind her helps to illuminate the curve of her neck and the back of her veil. So, Molly loves this picture for all of the small details making up the whole; I love this picture because it's simply a gorgeous shot of Kristen in her pre-wedding glow.

Photograph 2: Kyle's First Look Reaction

First Look

      One thing you have to understand about Kyle. From my limited interactions with him, Kyle is an incredibly quiet, stoic guy. He's very approachable and friendly, but not one who smiles easily. But on his wedding day, Kyle smiled almost non-stop. His first big smile came the moment he turned around for his and Kristen's first look. We had Kyle standing with his back to the location Kristen was coming from. When he turned around to see Kristen, his reaction is absolutely priceless! His face immediately erupted into a wide, natural, happy smile--one he kept for the rest of the day! The backstory is what makes this photograph so endearing. That, and it is perfectly framed. Even without me telling you that this was their first look, you would be able to tell it was by the way Kristen is positioned, getting ready to hug Kyle, and facing him. But Kyle's natural smile and reaction in this photograph exemplify the importance of this moment.

Photograph 3: Sisters, Sisters!


      This picture is perfect evidence of how Molly poses subjects without it seeming too posed and formal. Kristen wanted a picture of her with her sisters holding hands. Molly had them hold hands and walk a few paces--making sure that they were chatting with each other the entire time. Judging by this photograph, I'm pretty sure they forgot the camera was even there. They easily fell into step with each other and starting giggling and chatting immediately. I love the casual "pose" of this picture. You can tell all three of them are relaxed and comfortable. The focus of the photograph remains on Kristen, but her and her sisters' gazes keep the picture grounded and contained to the three of them and their relationship.

Photograph 4: Father-Daughter Dance

Blatt-409Father/Daughter Dance

      This photograph is all about emotion. Just look at Kristen's dad's face. Yes, he's dancing with is daughter on her wedding day and he's present in that moment, but one look at his eyes tells you he's a million miles away. Maybe he's remembering Kristen as a little girl. Or, maybe the full emotional importance of the day is just occurring to him; or maybe it's the father-daughter dance that always tugs on a father's heartstrings. Whatever he was thinking about and feeling you can see the love and concern on his face. Seeing an emotional dad on a wedding day always chokes me up a little bit. Looking at this picture makes me feel the same way. How about you?

Picture 5: Bubbles!


      Lately, Molly has enjoyed rediscovering her love of and experimenting with techniques of night photography. During Kristen & Kyle's reception, we borrowed them for a few unique shots outside. They had guests blow bubbles as they walked down the aisle, and Molly grabbed a few extra bottles for this series of photographs after dark. She had a flash to backlight them, and found some willing guests to blow bubbles, and viola! A gorgeous, unique nighttime photograph! I love that the light outlines Kristen and Kyle, but more than that, you can still see the details of their clothes and their soft, lovely expressions. The bubbles add a fun light effect to the background of the picture, and add to the romantic feeling of it. Very unique, and a perfect image to wrap up our favorites!

      Kristen and Kyle, thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographer! Readers, what is your favorite image?


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