5 Favorites from Amy & David's Wedding

March 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

      As we continue with our blog, we decided on a unique way to showcase the gorgeous images from the weddings we have had the pleasure of working. Instead of lots of pictures with few words, we would like to highlight our 5 favorites and why we like them so much! This way, you can see the unique work we do and what we look for in photographs that Molly takes. Of course, we will still be posting sneak peeks to Facebook, and you can see more of our pictures in our gallery, but this enables us to focus on our favorites from each wedding. With that said, on to Amy and David!

      Amy and David are a really sweet couple who had a beautiful fall wedding this past September. The day was full of sunshine and they took advantage of the entire day with an early first look at Glendale Square followed by an afternoon ceremony at Armstrong Chapel in Indian Hill. Then it was on to their reception at the Oscar Event Center! Amy had spent a lot of time working on various DIY details and decorations to make their reception lovely and unique. We were thrilled we got to work with them for their wedding!

Beckett-30Portrait from Amy & David's Wedding

Photograph 1: A beautiful Portrait

This is quite possibly Molly's favorite portrait that she has ever taken! This is one of Amy's beautiful bridesmaids looking on as Amy is getting her hair and makeup done. The lighting is from the window she was sitting by, so the natural light is perfect! The light coupled with the look of happiness and love for her friend on her wedding day makes for an emotional and unforgettable portrait.

Beckett-99Amy & David Picture 2

Photograph 2: The Bridal Party

Amy and David chose Glendale Square for their first look. There's a gazebo and a path leading to it with benches on each side where Amy wanted her bridal party to sit as she made her way toward David. Little did Amy know that as she walked past, the bridal party members toward the back of the walkway got up and crowded closer to try to catch a glimpse of David's face as he turned to meet his bride. Molly captured their interest and excitement in this lovely candid photo. It tells part of the story associated with a first look that you otherwise wouldn't think about twice!

Beckett-102Amy & David Picture 3

Photograph 3: The First Look

Their first look was sweet and emotional: everything you would want to happen in a first look. They both got teary-eyed and David gave Amy a kiss and hug. Then he whispered something in her ear that got both of them to burst with laughter. What we love about this picture is that both Amy & David's personalities show through. Not only that, but you can tell the ease of their relationship and their true love for each other in the way they naturally stand close and are in contact with one another.

Beckett-155Amy & David Picture 4

Photograph 4: Check Out That Dress!

It's a customary picture: the dress in the room, on a hanger before the bride puts it on for the day. It's a beautiful picture and one that we always make sure to include. But isn't it about a million times better to have a photograph of the bride feeling the most gorgeous she will ever feel in the dress she chose to get married in!? Yes!! This photograph of Amy in a dramatic pose in her beautiful gown surrounded by blooming flowers and green shrubs is incredible. The color in the background, the sun showing through the leaves of the tree and the texture of the brick and stone path culminate in this breath-taking shot of Amy showing off her gown! We love it!

Beckett-416Amy & David Picture 5

Photograph 5: Dance

You already know that Molly loves looking for unique light sources in photography. David and Amy had a light on their dance floor that changed colors throughout the evening that led to some great pictures of Amy's dress illuminated as she danced the night away with her guests. But this photograph is the one that gave us pause: David dancing with his mom while Amy and her father looked on. The sweet emotion and the arcing story told by this picture make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and smile. These dances are significant and happen at almost every wedding reception, but rarely do we see it captured in such an endearing and unforgettable fashion.

Amy and David: Thanks for choosing us to work with you! We enjoyed being such an integral part of your wedding!

Readers: What do you think of our choices? Which of the above pictures is your favorite?




Marcia (David's Mom)(non-registered)
Molly you took some totally amazing pictures. I don't know how you picked 5. but those were 5 great pictures and your comments were awesome. What I loved is that your pictures did catch the true love between David and Amy, and their love for their friends and family. thank you.
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