5 Favorites from Sierra & Collin's Wedding

March 25, 2014  •  1 Comment

Sierra and Collin are an incredibly fun, very relaxed couple who got married this past September. Between their ceremony at The Vineyard Church and their reception at Wunderland, we were able to take advantage of the "golden hour" of light at sunset which made for some incredible photographs. It was difficult narrowing it down to just 5 images, but these 5 sum up the love, enthusiasm, and the lighthearted enjoyment of their day. 

Photograph 1: The Ladies

Picture 1: The ladies Believe me, yellow is a hard color to wear. But Sierra's bridesmaids pull it off with elegance and grace. They are all so beautiful in their bright yellow, figure-flattering dresses holding complimentary bouquets! What Molly and I love about this picture: the lighting is so ideal, and the tree in the background so perfectly compliments the dress color that they almost look as if they are standing in front of a backdrop, don't they? Amazing! We were thrilled when Sierra mentioned this location because of the tree-lined pond for pictures with her girls. Couple the background and lighting with the genuine smiles and fun they are having makes for an absolutely perfect picture! 

Photograph 2: Father/Daughter Moment

White-145Picture 2

Often when a bride is walking down the aisle, she is so nervous or caught up in the moment that the hug she gives her father is a bit preoccupied. When Sierra's father escorted her to the altar, Sierra gave him a tight, sincere, full-of-love hug. This picture showcases such a sweet and tender moment that every bride and her father can relate to, which is why we love it so much.

Photograph 3: Sierra and Collin's Ooo la-la

White-228White-228 Just take a moment to gaze at this picture and take it all in. We love when an image is so dramatic that converting it to black and white only enhances it. The smoldering sexiness and love between Sierra and Collin as he lightly kisses her shoulder is palpable. And the blurred background so that the focus is on the two of them makes this photograph one of our all time favorites!

Photograph 4: A Formal that's Not So Formal of the Bridal Party

White-211Picture 4 A lot of times when we are explaining 'formal' pictures to brides and grooms they respond saying they want "creative" pictures or "not stuffy or formal" or, our favorite: "we don't want posed" pictures. Truth be told, every wedding needs a few formal portraits (pictures that are posed by Molly) of family members and the bridal party. The above is considered a 'formal' picture--Molly posed the group, made sure everyone's faces could be seen, and instructed them on what to do--but it doesn't feel posed. This picture represents Molly's version of a perfect bridal party formal picture, but shows that everyone is still having a good time. And don't you love the contrast of the gray suits and yellow dresses with the trees and sunset in the background??

Photograph 5: A Beautiful Bride

Picture 5 You all know we L.O.V.E. a picture of a beautiful, happy bride in her gown. And if you know Molly, you know that she LOVES photographs including a unique perspective of the sky with clouds or some kind of 'texture.' Put a twirling, visibly delighted Sierra illuminated with natural light from the sunset in front of a gorgeous sky and you have all of the elements for a picture that makes you so happy, you can't help but smile while you look at it! This picture of Sierra encapsulates all of the joy, energy, excitement, love, and exuberance that she felt on her wedding day.

Sierra and Collin: We will never forget how much we enjoyed working with you and meeting your bridal party! 

Readers: Which is your favorite of the 5 photographs? What do you think of our favorites?



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