12 Tips for a More Photogenic First Dance

April 22, 2014  •  2 Comments

Your first dance. It's a moment that many brides and grooms dread at the reception. Dancing in public certainly isn't for everyone, and first dances are almost required at wedding receptions. Are you one of those couples not looking forward to your first dance together? Never fear! We have you covered with a few pieces of advice to make this perhaps not-so-fun moment one to be excited about; and more importantly, one that will lead to stunning photographs! 

1.)    Practice! Even practicing dancing in your kitchen to the song you choose will help you feel comfortable dancing with each other and enable you to better focus on one another during your dance.

2.)    Take dance lessons. Dance lessons make for fun date nights leading up to the big day. And no matter what your fiancée says, it's a lot of fun! However, they can be a bit expensive, so this isn't for everyone.

3.)    Choose a unique song. Is there a song that you can't help singing to when you're together in the car? Or one that makes both of you laugh and do silly dance moves? Choose that song for your first dance! The super romantic and meaningful song can be saved for a slow dance later in the evening to share with other couples.

4.)    Consider having live music for your first dance. This doesn't have to be super expensive option. Does your cousin play the guitar? Or your uncle the piano? Ask if they would mind practicing and being an important part of your wedding day in an unconventional way! The DJ can always play the lyrics as your family members or friends provide the music.

5.)    Reduce the crowd. Don't be afraid to have your DJ be assertive in making sure that it is just you and your husband on the dance floor. Nothing is worse than a crowded dance floor first dance pictures!

6.)    Make sure your dress is dance ready! You don't want to trip and fall over your dress, or your new husband slip on it; so make sure it isn't too long and that it's bustled correctly. This makes dancing and moving around much more comfortable for you.


7.)    If you have a routine planned, let your photographer know! This ensures that your photographer is prepared and in the best location for pictures of your dance.

8.)    Interact with each other! Talk, laugh, kiss, dip, twirl: stay focused on each other and have fun during your dance! At the very least, have one hand on his shoulder and your other hand in his hand. Do Not do the 'junior high dance' where you have both arms up over his shoulders. It's not a very flattering pose.

9.)    Move around the dance floor. Doesn't matter how you get there, but staying mobile will make for a variety of pictures and different backgrounds in each picture.

10.)    Don't use a colored spotlight! We love it when DJs use colorful lighting on the dance floor to add more fun to the party. But those lights aren't always so great for a first dance. So the light hits a yellow or green hue? Guess what color your dress will be in those images.....Yeah, not a good look.


11.)    Speaking of lighting: make sure the house lights aren't too dark. Some ambience is nice, but if it's too dark there won't be any depth to your photographs and you risk some of your guests not being able to see you.

12.)    Don't hide your faces. This is an extremely important tip! How can your photographer get emotional, wonderful photographs of your first dance together if you keep your face in his neck the whole time? Relax, open up a little, and let the dance flow--this will lead to unforgettable photographs!

Keep in mind, your first dance doesn't have to be perfect. But taking a little bit of extra time to plan and practice will make your dance memorable, a lot more fun for both of you, and your pictures absolutely perfect!



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