Engagement Session Advice

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It's finally warming up and starting to feel like springtime! For us in the wedding photography business, this means it's Engagement Session time! Whether you are wanting to use your engagement session photographs for Save the Dates, or in a Guestbook for your big day, spring is an ideal time to take your photographs! With that in mind, we set out to share the advice we most frequently give our clients prior to their engagement sessions. Considering just a couple of these tips will help you plan for your own unforgettable engagement pictures!


You don't have to wear the same color, but we recommend coordinating your outfits to wear similar styles and/or colors so there's a uniformity to your photographs. We've had couples that went to rival universities wear their alma mater t-shirts for a few shots and then change so there was a different style and interest to their photographs. It's also a good idea to avoid horizontal stripes or small patterns on your clothing. That style of clothing adds weight and draws your eye to make you appear wider in photographs.



We frequently get asked about locations for engagement sessions. While we have several parks and downtown areas that we recommend, we are always excited to go somewhere new. We encourage you to be creative when considering an engagement location! Choose a place that is meaningful for both of you or somewhere you enjoy going together. This doesn't have to be outdoors either--several museums and venues allow photo sessions inside. For example, one of our clients requested we go to the Cincinnati Observatory since that is where they went on their first date and where he proposed. We contacted the observatory beforehand to confirm their photography policy, learn any restrictions they had, and to give their staff time to schedule someone to be at the building so we could have full access. The pictures turned out beautifully  (as evidenced above!) and the couple was thrilled that we could photograph them at a location that held so many sweet memories for them.


We love including pets in your engagement sessions! It's a perfect way to make your pictures unique and include your furry family members! If you want to include your pet, just let your photographer know and make plans for when they won't be in pictures. If you're going somewhere indoors, double check with the venue that they allow pets for your session. Have someone come to hold leashes while we get romantic pictures of just the two of you, or plan on having them hang out in the car if the weather isn't too hot. Otherwise, make sure your pet is looking their best, just like the two of you, and don't forget to bring treats as rewards for purrrr-fect posing!


If you are planning on using the photographs from your engagement session on Save the Dates or planning on ordering a guestbook, make sure you schedule your session with plenty of time to spare. We recommend allowing at least 6-8 weeks for guestbook design and printing, so plan to schedule your engagement pictures accordingly. The weather doesn't always cooperate, so allowing for a few rain delays ensures that you aren't stressed and we aren't rushed to get your products in before a certain deadline. 


Get excited and relax for your engagement pictures! Consider this a chance to get to know your photographer better, build a rapport, become friends or start inside jokes before the big day! This session will also help you get used to how your photographer will direct and pose you for pictures during your wedding day. Our best advice: take some time to get a little dressed up, bring your gorgeous model attitude, and think of these pictures as some great preparation for your wedding day! These photographs are meant to be casual and fun and show off your personalities and love!


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