5 Favorites from Laura & James' Wedding

May 19, 2014  •  1 Comment

     Laura and James' wedding day started out in several rainy downpours. We were hoping and hoping that the skies would clear up in time for their wedding. We felt like we were dragging the sunshine with us as we drove down I-75 to meet Laura, her mom and bridesmaids getting ready at the Hyatt. Then, like magic, (or all of the luck garnered by Laura's parents going and purchasing about a dozen large black umbrellas that morning!) the sky cleared and the sun began shining for their pictures at Eden Park! It was delightful! 

    Laura and James are one of the nicest and most easy going couples. They planned a gorgeous wedding day with pictures before their ceremony at Eden Park, a ceremony at the breath-taking Holy Cross Immaculata church in Mount Adams, and a fun-filled reception at Paul Brown Stadium!  It was difficult, but we narrowed down our favorite photographs to Five for sharing:

Photograph 1: Mother/Daughter Bond

     Laura's mom, Denise, supported and helped Laura throughout the entire planning process. She was so thrilled her daughter was getting married. We loved working with the two of them because you can tell how close their relationship is. One of our top priorities on wedding days is making sure to get a few photographs of the bride with her mom just to showcase the emotion and importance of the day to each of them. This picture perfectly encapsulates the love, pride, and emotion Denise is feeling as she gives an excited Laura a hug on her wedding day. 

Photograph 2: The Ceremony Gaze

     We LOVE wedding ceremonies! Each is so different and reflective of the bride and groom's personalities and their families. But what we especially love watching during wedding ceremonies is how the bride and groom interact. From the moment Laura walked into the church with her father, James couldn't take his eye off of her. It was so sweet and romantic! In this photograph, you can see how they just gazed at each other with ease, happiness, and love.

Photograph 3: The Unexpected Bridal Party Photograph

     We often hear brides say they want 'creative' bridal party pictures and not a lot of 'stuffy, boring' photographs. The above dramatic picture of Laura and James' bridal party is anything but stuffy and boring!  This fun group lined themselves up while Molly headed down the Mt. Adams Steps to perfectly frame the group with the church in the background! I love this picture from such a unique perspective!

Photograph 4: The Candid Moment


     Having not seen each other all day, Laura and James went into their own world after their ceremony. They lingered on the overlook outside of the church catching up, and on the walk to the limo they laughed and chatted; completely oblivious to the world around them. Laura was teasing James with her veil and at one point lassoed him into giving her a kiss. Molly caught so many of these lovely candid moments, but this one is my favorite! I love the unexpected fun that Laura and James had, and the palpable, visible love between them. Even better: Molly was able to perfectly photograph these moments without giving Laura and James any direction; or them even realizing she was there. These brief, true, and honest glimpses into a couple's relationship are among our favorite moments to photograph.

Photograph 5: Check out that View!

     Part of the perk of having your wedding reception at Paul Brown Stadium is all of the fun photography opportunities! Laura, James, and their bridal party were able to go on the field, and during their reception, go up to the top of the stadium for pictures with the illuminated city in the background. This photograph is what Molly would call "perfectly light balanced." Laura and James are ideally lit in the foreground without losing the detail and lights of the city in the background. This skill and expertise (along with beautiful subjects, of course!) make for a seriously cool, dramatic picture! 

     Laura and James, we were so honored to be a part of your wedding day! And thank you to your your bridal party, family, and friends for making us feel so welcome! 


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