5 Favorites from Ashley & Josh's Wedding

June 11, 2014  •  2 Comments

     Ashley and Josh are the kind of friendly, hard-working, down-to-earth couple you just want to grab a beer and hang out with. They're incredibly friendly, talkative, and so obviously in love. Even better? They surround themselves with good people: their guests and bridal party were so supportive of Ashley and Josh and so wonderful to be around. Perfect example: I've never had a member of a bridal party offer to help me carry equipment, let alone TWO groomsmen! Their bridal party was so kind and comfortable with each other which made for some fun, joyful, and wonderful pictures. We started out their wedding day in the bridal party suite at The Elements Event Center, followed by their first look and bridal party pictures at Sharon Woods, then it was back to the Elements for their emotional ceremony and fun reception! With that, on to our 5 favorites from the day!

Photograph 1: Putting on the Dress

     Before actually putting her dress on, Ashley was excitedly describing it to us and her bridesmaids saying "I love my dress! It fits me like a glove and is absolutely beautiful!" As soon as she had it on, she started crying, and she was right--her dress was an ideal match to her style, and a perfect fit. As she was being laced up by her maid of honor and mother-in-law, Ashley was quiet for a moment. She was watching in the mirror and seemed to be centering and calming herself and taking everything in. She was soaking up the minute of putting on her wedding dress on her wedding day. Such a sweet, and thrilling moment to witness.

Photograph 2: Check Out Those Baby Blues!

     While walking around Sharon Woods for the bridal party pictures, we walked under dense trees where sunlight would filter through the leaves in spots. Molly thought this would be a neat idea for light in the photographs and started with Ashley posing in her dress and holding her bouquet. She had Ashley look straight up into the light, and counted down, then had her open her eyes at the same moment Molly snapped the picture. The result? Ashley looking absolutely stunning in the sunlight! The light highlights her eyes, face, and enough of her pose and flowers; making for an incredible, unexpected, dramatic, and unique bridal portrait.

Photograph 3: The Gaze


     Who doesn't love a photograph of a gorgeous, sun-kissed couple in love? There is so much we love about this picture: the light on Ashley's face and how it also illuminates Josh's face. The way they are gazing at each other: Ashley's small smile and the intensity with which Josh is looking at her. I also love that Molly perfectly balanced the light so you can see the details on Ashley's hair, her dress and even her bracelets. While Molly posed the two of them (so technically it's a 'formal' photograph), the way they look at each other with so much love is something Molly can't direct or tell them to do. It's wonderful when such emotion is naturally evident in photographs, isn't it?? The feelings of love, comfort, and happiness are palpable, which is why this is one of our favorites.

Photograph 4: The Girls


     I loved all of the bright colors that Ashley incorporated into her wedding. I mean, check out the lush color of the bridesmaids dresses and how well they match the bouquets while incorporating complimentary colors of yellow, dark and light pink, and white. Beautiful! That said, this is one of those candid photographs that Molly 'directs.' She had all the girls gather around and start talking and laughing together. Then Molly said, "Ashley" making Ashley glance her way. This led to a wonderful, natural, candid feeling photograph of Ashley and her bridesmaids. Like I said earlier, these ladies all knew each other and were comfortable together which really shows in this photograph of friendship and happiness.

Photograph 5: The Unexpected  Giggle

     We raved how this was one of our favorite candid photographs in this post. But it's worth showing again, because we simply ADORE this picture of Josh and Ashley! The light, the playful feeling--You can practically hear Ashley squeal and giggle, can't you? I'm so glad Molly was quick to capture this moment of Ashley and Josh being themselves and being in love. Pictures that give this little window into a couple's relationship are so perfect and sweet, and honestly my favorite pictures to see.

     We want to hear from you: What do you think of our choices? Which is your favorite?


Molly Grosse Photography
Thank you Karrie! We can't wait to show them to Ashley and Josh.
Karrie Thompson(non-registered)
All of these pictures are very good. I cannot wait to see more of Ashley and Josh's wonderful day :)
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