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June 05, 2014  •  5 Comments

     For those of you who don't know, we participated in the Your Bridal Show at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center this past weekend. We've participated for several years, especially since the proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, we were thrilled to meet with lots of brides to discuss their wedding plans. We even met our VERY FIRST BLOG STALKER! (Hi, Beth!) It was very exciting! At the show, we had a lot of the same question: Do you take candid photographs? or Can you show me some of your candid photographs? Our answer: YES!! Take it from me, (Rhonda) Molly is a true expert in taking candid photographs. (Beware: I have strong opinions on candid pictures, so this post is a bit longer than our usual post!)

     We get it! You don't want your wedding pictures to feel too posed and stuffy. Especially if that's not "you!" Instead, you want more candid, informal moments captured that best represents you and the emotional effort you have put into your day. While some formal pictures are important (another subject for another time), Molly considers herself not just a photographer, but a director of photographs. She will set up a pose, give brief instructions on what to do or make sure she can see everyone, and then tell the group to start talking with each other. Or more often tells them to laugh--which leads to some incredibly awful, fake laughing that quickly turns into real giggles and laughter. Molly's photography is inspired by each client's style of their day. Most importantly, Molly takes pictures with the emotion of the moment first in her mind. She would say she "takes pictures with a purpose" and I believe that purpose is the candid moments of love, laughter, and happiness on a wedding day. Here's 5 candid moment examples.

Picture 1: The Gasp!

     Xiao and Tony got married the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous wedding at Miami University. For this photograph Molly told Xiao's 4 bridesmaids to gather around her and do something fun. Anything! While we're not sure what her maid of honor whispered to her, Xiao's reaction is absolutely priceless and totally unexpected. This photograph truly captures a moment in time and sincere emotion. There is no way we could have directed or planned/posed for it.

Picture 2: Playful Moment

     We chose this as one of our favorites from Laura and James' wedding in this post. But I love it so much I wanted to include it again. Some candid photographs need a little push from Molly in order to happen (perfect example is the first picture). Most candid moments require no directing from Molly at all and just happen throughout the day as people interact. What makes Molly a truly professional photographer is her ability to perfectly capture these moments and allow them to naturally flow without intruding on the moment. And when we get a real candid picture, don't you agree you see a little bit of insight into the couple's relationship: their love and playfulness? I think so, which is why I love this photograph so much.

Photograph 3: The Toast

     Another important aspect to candid photographs is the framing of them. Are there enough details in the frame of the photograph to be able to tell the story behind the reaction? What makes candid pictures so wonderful, if they are taken well, is that you can see the story in the details. Not only see the story, but be able to relate to the story through your own experience.

     This photograph of Laura is her reaction to her Maids of Honor toast. She and her Maids of Honor have been friends since they were three years old! Laura's reaction is sincerely happy and comfortable as she listens to and giggles at the toast they were giving. What's even better is that the toast wasn't only funny to Laura (how many toasts have you heard that you had no idea what they were talking about??) The toast inclusive and relatable to everyone, since you can tell the groomsmen in the background are also smiling.

Photograph 4: The Tickle!

     First, doesn't this photograph just make you smile?? We've all been there: we're going in for a kiss with our significant other and they decide to blow on our neck and tickle us instead. Molly was posing Ashley and Josh in the spots of sunlight at Sharon Woods. She told Josh to lean in close to Ashley, intending them to look at each other for a romantic photograph. Instead, he leans in, dips her slightly, and blows on her neck eliciting a squeal of delight from Ashley. The lighting was still perfect, and the moment so sweet and romantic. Again, this picture gives us an insight into the comfort, love, and teasing that Ashley and Josh have for one another.

Photograph 5: The Classic Swoon-Worthy Moment

     I know you've seen the above image before. It's honestly one of our favorites. And we always get such strong, positive reactions to it at bridal shows: every bride can imagine herself in this moment and situation. It's like a fairytale. This photograph is a another real candid photograph--Molly was in the right place, at the right time, and had nothing to do with the set up. The chances of taking a photograph like this one are rare. And try as she might, Molly has not been able to recreate or capture a similar moment since this wedding last March.

     Want to know the key to having so many well done and candid photographs of your own wedding? Hiring a professional photographer to capture these instants of your day is of utmost importance. You want to have a photographer you get along with, trust, and will go with the flow of your wedding day. A photographer who makes sure the images they take are the best representation of the emotion and style of your day and relationship.

Which is your favorite candid moment? Are you a 'blog stalker' and we don't know about you? Make sure to comment! We want to hear from you!



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Great post! I know we asked these very same questions of you just last week. Thanks for more examples, we hope that Molly captures one of these "must have" shots at our wedding. Thanks again for taking time to share some great info. I also really enjoyed the tips for the first dance. Keep the blog post coming!
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