5 Favorites from Jessica & Teddy's Wedding

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     Jessica and Teddy are a relaxed and sweet couple. They had the most perfect weather for their wedding day in June. The sun was shining, there were a few clouds in the sky, and they built in lots of time for Molly to 'play' with them and their wedding party. We went to 2 different parks for their first look and wedding party pictures; so Molly was in Photography-Heaven posing Jessica and Teddy in beautiful settings while joking with their bridal party, and while I got beauty advice from Jessica's sisters. After lots of photography, we went to Jessica's parents gorgeous house in Alexandria where their wedding ceremony and reception was held.

     It was difficult to narrow it down to just FIVE, but here are our favorite pictures from Jessica and Teddy's day!

Photograph 1: The Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portrait      This picture of Jessica is breath-taking. The stone wall, the peeks of blue sky through the trees in the background, and the lovely yellow, purple, and green flowers in the foreground perfectly frame Jessica in her beautiful dress. I just love it. When I think "Bridal Portrait" this type of photograph comes to mind. I love how Molly posed Jessica looking down over her shoulder, and showing off the detail in her dress and incorporating her veil into the image. Perfect!

Photograph 2: Magazine Ad, Anyone??

Magazine Cover      I mean seriously--this is such a unique wedding photograph! Take all of the details from the first photograph, and add in the handsome groom, Teddy. Note that neither of them are looking at the camera and smiling. Instead they're very serious and "model-y" looking. For added drama, Molly turned this photo black and white. Isn't it beautiful, dramatic, and eye-catching!? Can't you just see this photograph being used in a posh, high-fashion magazine ad for perfume or something? I can't get enough of this picture!

Photograph 3: The Bridal Party

AM2B0225Bridal Party      You know we love a good, fun, and creative bridal party picture! We were excited to go to Tower Park in Fort Thomas for some pictures with everyone. As we wandered the park, Molly was incorporating different structures and settings into Jessica & Teddy's wedding photographs. At the entrance, Jessica's sisters thought it would be fun to pose with the iron gates. This led to Molly walking into the middle of the street, (There she goes! Don't worry: I played traffic cop for Molly since she was in deep "Wedding Photographer Mode") turning around, and taking candid pictures of the bridal party speaking with each other. Jessica leaned in for a kiss from Teddy; and Molly was able to capture this moment just before a couple of cars passed honking, luckily not at her, but in congratulations for the happy couple. I love this picture for how cute it is with everyone leaning on the gate in various poses, how focused Teddy and Jessica are on each other, and for the fun story behind it.

Photograph 4: So In Love...

In Love      Usually when Molly takes these ultra-romantic pictures of brides and grooms she has to do just a little bit of directing. In this instance she posed Jessica and Teddy in a patch of light at Tower Park and told Teddy where to stand. Just was she was getting ready to tell Jessica where to put her hand and how to look at Teddy, Jessica did it naturally leading Molly to say, "Aaaaannd...we got it!" 

     I love wedding pictures like these: where the bride and groom are so into each other and so in love and you can tell when you see their photographs weeks after their wedding. The color in the photograph with the blurred background, while still seeing the crisp details on Jessica's dress and veil only add to the level of intimacy you feel when examining this picture.

Photograph 5: Happy Family

Family      I would be remiss if I didn't include a picture of Jessica, Teddy, and Jessica's look-alike daughter, Maddie. Let me tell you about this little cutie! 5-year-old Maddie was the ideal of perfect behavior and excitement on the wedding day. And she is a riot! I'm telling you--this girl can put on lip gloss without a mirror better than I can! She loves all things girly: including spinning all day in her 'princess' dress and her basket of rose petals had to be wherever she was. She was thrilled to be a part of her mommy's wedding, and it was so sweet to see how much she loves Teddy and Teddy loves her. So, in honor of Maddie, we had to include a picture of the three of them in our favorites!

Jessica, Teddy, and Maddie: We were so happy to be a part of your day! Thank you for including us!

Please join us in wishing them a BIG congratulations! Make sure to let us know: which picture is your favorite?


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