Monica & Matt's Engagement Session: 5 favorites

July 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

     Monica and Matt are the most adorable couple. Monica always, always has a bright smile on her face, which made it easy to take such delightful, loving photographs of the two of them. We met for their engagement session at Glenwood Gardens, where Matt proposed last November. It was so sweet hearing them tell the story together; making it very obvious how excited they are for their August wedding. On to our favorite photographs!

Photograph 1: The Proposal Location

     We started the engagement session where the proposal took place: the gazebo in Glenwood Gardens. I love this picture for the story behind the location. But look how perfectly Monica's blue dress is accented with the green vines in the foreground. I love the way Molly framed them with the plants, the pillars, and Monica & Matt against the blue sky background. 

Photograph 2: Happy Sunlight

     Molly's a sucker for a good black and white photograph. In fact, the most recent studio display album she designed and ordered is entirely made of black and white photos. There's something about the contrast of the colors that smooths an image out and really draws your attention to the true light and emotion of a picture. All this to say, check out the sunlight in the above photograph! It is highlighting Monica's face, her happy smile and how easy she and Matt are in their embrace. Looking closely, you can see that Matt's face is lit enough to show that he is smiling just as broadly while he is leaning into Monica. 

Photograph 3: All About Matt

     It's a rare occurrence that the bride and groom are similar heights. This allows Molly to have more creative poses for the happy couple, like this 'unusual' pose. Molly had Monica stand behind Matt (Whew! Lots of "M" names!) and wrap her arms around his torso. This pose put Matt a bit more in the spotlight for the photograph. When I look at this picture, my eye is immediately drawn to Matt's face and the space between him and Monica. But my attention follows the way Monica is lovingly gazing at Matt. They each have a small smile and look just so content and in love. 

Photograph 4: Cute and Comfortable

    I love how how casually and easily they lean into each other. You can just tell how close and in-sync they are as a couple. Plus, the architecture of the window behind Matt, and their complimentary colors, just make for an endearing photograph!

Photograph 5: The Essence of their Relationship Captured in a Picture

     Have you ever taken a picture with someone (a family member, significant other, or friend) and think to yourself, "This picture is a perfect description of our relationship"? That is exactly how I feel about this picture of Monica and Matt. This is my favorite picture from their engagement session. I really think Monica is this happy 98% of the time! Her smile is so natural, happy, carefree, and completely contagious! And I think the yellow sweater she is wearing adds to the giddy, happy feeling in this photograph. And Matt's smile is easy-going, comfortable, and approachable. You can't help but smile yourself when you look at this incredible picture of the two of them, right??

     Monica and Matt, we are so excited for your wedding next month! Thank you for including us as part of your day!

     Which photograph was your favorite? 


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