Happy First Anniversary, Amy and Bryan!

August 14, 2014  •  1 Comment

     Amy and Bryan are a great couple who held their wedding last August on what could arguably be described as the hottest day of the year! But all of the humidity and heat didn't dampen the fun of the day or the love this couple has for each other. We can't believe it's already been a year! Here's a look back at our 5 favorite photographs from their wedding day!

Photograph 1: The Ceremony

     Amy and Bryan had a fantastic priest for their ceremony. Full of passion and character, he actually sang an entire love song to the two of them! He was a lot of fun, and said an unforgettable ceremony. We love this picture for how close the three of them sat on the altar: the priest was positioned very closely to Bryan and Amy. Also, how cute is it that Amy's taking this brief moment to emotionally glance over the crowd of family and friends? So sweet!

Photograph 2: The Bridal Party

     Bryan and Amy's bridal party was a blast to hang out with during the day! While we got a lot of pictures with them, this tends to be one of our favorites from the day: It shows how close this group of friends is, and highlights all of the care that Amy put into coordinating her wedding colors. We don't often see such a deep red match with bright, happy yellow, but Amy ensured that the red and yellow colors were present throughout all of the details. How great do the bouquets the bridesmaids are holding look against the dresses? And the boutineers are the perfect pop of color! Amy, you did a fantastic job with the colors and details!

Photograph 3: Glowing Newlyweds!

     This was the first picture we took of Amy and Bryan after their ceremony before all of their family formals. We just love how much Amy is glowing with happiness in this picture! She's radiating so much it seems to be illuminating Bryan's face, doesn't it?? Glowing, thrilled, and lovely brides make pictures that much more beautiful!

Photograph 4: The Vineyard

     We love it when couples choose to go to unique locations for photographs and/or bridal party pictures! Amy did a lot of research, and got permission to go to the actual vineyard for Valley Vineyards Winery in Morrow, Ohio. The off-road trip to get to the vineyards was an experience to say the least, but when we arrived, the setting of the vineyard itself was breath-taking with the aroma, the colors, and the stillness. This led to some wonderful pictures of Bryan, Amy, and their bridal party! This is one of our favorites: the ease and comfort Bryan and Amy have for each other, the way Bryan's boutineer matches the green vines in the background, the way Molly framed this picture...It's a wonderful picture of the two of them!

Photograph 5: The Romantic One

     You all know that I love pictures of 'Love.' This picture of Amy and Bryan just fills me with love! The romantic kiss, the framing of them with the vine leaves and the vineyard behind them. It's such a perfect picture for Amy and Bryan to have from their wedding day!

     Amy and Bryan, we are so glad you chose us to be a part of your wedding day last year! Happy First Anniversary, may you have a many, many more years full of laughter and love!


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