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     We here at Molly Grosse Photography have a BIG announcement! We are branching out our social media reach by adding a Pinterest Page! We are working on adding more photographs in hopes to inspire those of you planning your wedding and wanting to use Molly Grosse Photography for your photographer! While this is an exciting advancement for us, it got us reflecting on Pinterest and other wedding planning websites like (Perfect Wedding Guide, The Knot, WeddingWire, etc.) and what we would want clients to know when using these wonderful planning tools. There are pros and cons to each of these websites, and I know several vendors and venues have their own Pinterest pages to show you how previous weddings have looked. However, when you approach some wedding vendors, especially photographers, there is some negative aspects that come into consideration. Strictly speaking from our perspective as your wedding photographer, here we review 5 things we want you, our client, to keep in mind.

#1. Pinterest is a Planning Tool

     Look at Pinterest (and other websites like it) as a planning tool. This is a fantastic place to start your wedding planning (or home planning, redecorating, cooking, fashion ideas, etc.). Consider these websites as a jumping off place to get your creativity going. Considering six different wedding color themes? You can quickly go to Pinterest to see how Navy and Yellow weddings look in photographs, or if there are any must-have flowers for a purple wedding. But, please keep in mind, that Pinterest (Perfect Wedding Guide, The Knot) is just that: a place to see examples and start getting ideas before deciding on moving forward with them.

Exuberant HappinessThis bride and groom had their guests blow bubbles as they walked up the aisle after their wedding ceremony.

#2. Recognize your Personal Style and Preferences

     So Pinterest is a great tool to get you started: but keep in mind your style, your plans, and most importantly, your budget when looking at some of these images. Don't let these websites stunt your creativity or your plans for your wedding. Especially when looking at examples of wedding photography. So, you love the pictures of the Mason Jars wrapped in burlap and ribbons on a family style outdoor table; but you're having your reception at Paul Brown Stadium. While I'm not discouraging you from using those mason jar centerpieces at your reception, but I'm not sure that style you saw online would match the theme and setting of your wedding at the stadium. Maybe incorporate just the Mason jars in a way at your reception, or wrap your bouquets in burlap. The possibilities are endless, so don't limit yourself to three pictures online from a strangers wedding! Make it your own!

Stunning BouquetMolly created a unique perspective when taking a photograph of this bouquet of peonies. She also prefers to have the human element in your details, like the bride in the background (like this image), your rings on your fingers, and your foot in your shoe.

#3. Manage your Expectations

     Photographs you use for inspiration on Pinterest with captions like "cute picture idea" or "bride getting ready" or the ever popular 3-generation picture of yours, your mom's, and your grandma's hands with wedding rings are actually copyrighted, protected material. That's right. You can show us the images that you like, but we are professionally, creatively, and legally forbidden from exactly copying the picture. Besides, a lot of variables go into what makes a 'good' picture. Professional knowledge of lighting, posing, camera settings, perspective, focus, etc. is needed to take fantastic wedding photographs. Even more, that knowledge comes from a refined artistic creativity. You wouldn't ask a painter to forge a portrait by Picasso; so please don't expect or ask a professional wedding photographer to precisely copy someone else's photograph. Asking a photographer to copy an inspiration image or pose actually takes time away from them creatively posing you in a way that reflects their professional style, and your personal comfort. 

     Like I said, please show us the photographs you would like to incorporate into your day, (we love to see what inspired you!) but expect the photographs you take to be a reflection of your day in the style you hired us for. 

How's THIS for an Inspiration Image!?This photograph that Molly took of a bridal party at Eden Park is a true original, and one of the most popular photographs that clients mention when they have their first meeting with us. However, trying to duplicate this image is next to impossible, because no one can control clouds.

#4. Be Specific About What You Like

     You're browsing Pinterest, and happen upon a photograph of a wedding party photograph that you absolutely love. Take a moment to examine it closely. Note what about it grabbed your attention. Was it the rich colors? The look in the bride's eye? The playfulness of the wedding party? What about the image made you feel the way you did? Be as specific as possible. That way, when you are showing it to us at your final meeting before your wedding, you can tell us what exactly about the photograph you liked and what you want to try to replicate into your wedding day photography. We'll do our best! And after your wedding, we can point to an image and tell you exactly what about that picture reminded us of the inspiration image you brought to us.

#5. Trust Yourself, Trust Your Photographer

     Like we said above, let Pinterest be a tool in your creative process. But trust yourself that the decisions you are making in planning for your big day are the right decisions for you. You may see some great examples of centerpieces on Pinterest, but make sure the centerpieces you work on with your florist are within your style and your budget. Don't let these inspiration websites wash out the personal details of you, your husband, or your families on your wedding day. Even more importantly, work with wedding vendors you trust. Hiring professionals you trust and get along well with will reduce your stress, and ensure that you get exactly what you like most and makes you happiest. You've shown Molly the images that you like the most, but trust Molly to put her own creative style (the style you liked enough to hire her for) on your wedding images. She will ensure those images best reflect all of the time, energy, money, and effort you put into your wedding day.

What type of images do you gravitate toward on Pinterest? What kind of pictures do you want to see more of on our Pinterest Page?


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