Our Wedding Album Philosophy

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     Molly and I are so fortunate to work in an industry we love. We are even luckier to own/work in a small business where we have the ability to incorporate our own priorities into what we offer clients. We want to give clients wedding day photography collections that we would want to have (and I even chose for my own wedding!), and we want to sell products that we would appreciate. Something that makes us unique is that we offer wedding albums in every single collection, from our most economical collection to our most expensive. Every one of our clients receives a professionally made, high quality wedding album. The reason for this is our strong convictions of what a wedding is and its impact on family history.

Ketubah SigningThe Jewish ceremony of the Ketubah (religious marriage contract) signing in the presence of family is a beautiful, emotional wedding tradition. And a moment this couple would be sure to include in their wedding album.

     When you pause for a moment to consider the true significance of a wedding, the realization of all that it signifies can be staggering. A wedding is so much more than a pinterest board of ideas. So much more than all of the DIY details, the planning of the menu and schedule of the day, the drinking in the limo, and the playlist at the reception. A wedding is the marriage of two people. More than that, a wedding is a marriage of two families, two cultures, two sets of hopes and dreams all tied to the union of two people. A wedding...a marriage...is really a historical moment. When you attend a wedding, you are viewing history in the making! And what better way to commemorate this historical moment than with photographic evidence?

Family TiesDana and Steve were incredibly blessed to have not only their children, but also their grandchildren, involved and able to attend their wedding.

     Molly and I consider wedding albums to be treasured family keepsakes, handed down through generations. It is a member of the family, a testimony to when two people committed to each other and when a new family began. It is always fascinating to look through these albums and see a story in each photograph. To notice the detail and precision of photographers in a bygone era, the fashion choices, and the carefully chosen photographs showcasing the real significance of a wedding: the commitment and the family members present. A single, significant day's story outlined in a thick, weighty book. 

Bride and Her GrandfatherNot only did Laura share a dance with her new husband and father; she also made sure to dance with her grandfather on her wedding day.

    In today's world of instant gratification, facebook updates, instagrams, and i-Cloud storage we assume that everything digital is everlasting. And maybe it is. But technology is always advancing, changing, or becoming obsolete (remember floppy discs?) Rather than risking your photographs becoming 'unreadable' or an error message, consider the everlasting quality of an album. When you think about choosing the images to include in your album, it forces you to limit hundreds of images and choose the important, emotional, unforgettable moments of your day. You prioritize those memories into the storybook of your day, and you create your own family history. Truly, no matter how many digital photographs are in an online gallery, or on a USB drive; they will never be a timeless, eternal wedding keepsake: an album that is sure to be around for countless future generations.

     That's why Molly and I consider wedding albums to be of utmost importance. They become your keepsake, your story, your family history. And we couldn't be more honored to be the ones trusted with helping you treasure your wedding day memories.  

UnityThis gorgeous picture of a couple lighting their unity candle is an easy choice to include in their wedding album.

What do you think about wedding albums? Do you agree with our wedding philosophy? 


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