5 Favorites from Sharona & Darrius' Wedding

January 20, 2015  •  1 Comment

     Sharona and Darrius signed their contract a little more than a year before their wedding--they were the very first couple that I met when I first started working with Molly in September of 2013! The more I got to know them, the more excited I got for their October wedding! Sharona and Darrius are a really cool, loving couple. As it is with all of our clients, their wedding was so important to them. Sharona really worked hard to make sure their special day was amazing for not only the two of them, but also for their friends and family. She incorporated all kinds of unique touches to the details of her day. (For example, instead of a head table, they had a love seat on a small stage! It was great!) With that, on to our 5 favorite images!

Photograph 1: A Powerful Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portrait

      Sharona specifically requested some dramatic bridal portraits in her dress showcasing her bridal glow, and we happily obliged! We explored a few areas of The Elements looking for some natural light coming in through the big front windows. While we did get some fantastic shots, this one is by far our favorite! I love the way that Sharona is turned ever so slightly toward the window so that the light illuminates the details of her dress, her earrings and face. And the soft smile on her face--it adds to the over all bridal, romantic glow of this picture, don't you agree? The way the light filters through to her veil catches your eye as you see the reflection of Sharona in the mirror behind her. The light illuminating all these small details and features makes for one gorgeous portrait of her!

Photograph 2: Bride and Groom!

Bride and Groom

      Following their ceremony, Sharona and Darrius spent time with us for pictures of just the two of them. In this picture, Molly had them stand very close, effortlessly looking blissfully happy and completely in love; then a breeze lived Sharona's veil. Molly quickly adjusted, and the next time it happened took this breath-taking photograph. Both Sharona and Darrius have their eyes closed and small smiles on their faces like they are sharing a secret only they know. The detail of the veil overlying the entire image softens it and gives it an even more romantic feeling. When looking at this photograph, I want to just sigh and feel as in love as they are, don't you?

Photograph 3: Casual Guys

      Darrius chose all of his closest friends to be his groomsmen and his father to be his best man. These guys were some of the friendliest and funniest guys we've met! As such, it was difficult to get all of them to group together for a 'serious' formal picture...they were having too much fun! After a few pictures, Molly told them to look at each other and laugh--easily done! We love the more casual bridal party shots because they hold so much personality. In this one for instance, you can see how close their friendship is, and how easy-going it is for this group to be together having fun and cracking up. Not only that, look how sharp they look in the gray and burnt orange color scheme Sharona and Darrius chose!

Photograph 4: Favorite Uncle

     Darrius' neice, A'ni was SO excited to be a part of her uncle's wedding day. She really looks up to him and we could tell how close they were throughout the day. This moment of the two of them was too precious not to include! Even though there are people dancing in the background of this photograph, our eyes go straight to Darrius' face. We love the way Darrius is looking down at his niece as they dance.

Photograph 5: The First Dance

      Molly and I have a very healthy obsession with this picture! The blue up-lighting in the background perfectly compliments Sharona! The way she is grabbing Darrius is so romantic...and the look on her face? Literally picture perfect! Her makeup is ideally done, her eyes are closed in reflection on their first dance as husband and wife, and the soft lighting on the dance floor truly makes her glow. Keep an eye out! You'll be seeing this picture in some of our future advertising!

Bonus Photograph!

      How could I brag about how unique their seating arrangement was and not show you a picture!? How great is this!?! I was so impressed with the decoration and how Sharona thought outside the box for their "head table." 

      Sharona and Darrius--Thank you for including us on your wedding day! We really enjoyed working with you!

      Readers: Which is your favorite? Have you seen any unique decoration or head table ideas lately?


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