Holiday Picture Time!

October 08, 2015  •  15 Comments

      I can't believe it's already October! The crisp fall air is here, pumpkins are every where and the trees are ever so slightly starting to change. I love autumn! October is also the perfect time to start thinking ahead to the end of the year....namely the holidays!! For the past couple of years now, Molly and I have offered in-studio portrait sessions, and wanted to take this opportunity to fully explain what we offer. This in-studio session is perfect for families looking to get annual pictures taken, or pictures to give to family members, or even to include in your holiday greeting card! Let me tell you, Molly and I LOVE these pictures: we get to relax and chat with clients in our private studio setting. We also provide candy and cookies, but you didn't need that bribe, did you?? ;)

      These portrait sessions last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, with several posing options. So, if you bring your family in and you want a picture of just your kids, then add the family dog, or a picture of your significant other and you. We accommodate any size of group for these pictures! And, Santa is optional! He's happy to spend some time catching up with the kids, or if you prefer, we can have only your family present for pictures. Below are Molly's kids from a couple of years ago with Santa.

SantaSanta       Every year, Molly creates a custom holiday/winter themed backdrop. One of the best benefits to doing a scheduled, in-studio portrait session?? NO LINES!! You don't have to wait in line like you do at the mall. AND we have time to get comfortable and get the best pictures possible! Below: Check out this cutie...she was unsure of us at first, but she warmed up as long as Mama was close by!


     Did we mention that we welcome fur babies also?? This is a picture of Rhonda's parents with their proud puppy dog, Carmel!


      So, to review why Molly Grosse Photography in-studio portrait sessions are faaarrrrrrr superior to your typical mall picture time:

~We offer 15-30 minute private session times for better, more personal pictures

~We welcome families of all shapes and sizes

~All two-legged AND/OR four-legged children are invited

~Prices are comparable to the malls

~We provide yummy holiday treats!

      We charge $15 per printed sheet of pictures, and require a minimum of $45 purchase. (1 sheet can include 3 4x6's; or 2 5x7's, or 1 8x10) Or, we can provide you with the hi-resolution downloadable file for $15 per file. EVERYTHING for less than $50!?! It's time to think about updating those dated pictures on your parent's wall as a gift!!

      Don't delay--call the studio at: 513-821-5051 to schedule your portrait time any time between now and December 31!


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