5 Favorites from Jessica & Zach's Wedding!

November 12, 2015  •  16 Comments

      We've been working with Jessica and Zach a little over a year. If you remember, they had a gorgeous fall engagement session last year at Eden Park! Their wedding was in September of this year, and despite some rain, they had a perfect wedding day! Jessica and Zach's friends and family were so nice and so much fun to work with! We spent some time at a couple of their favorite parks taking pictures, and after the ceremony, we took pictures of Jessica and Zach around the church. Nighttime wedding pictures--I'm not sure there's anything more romantic than that! Onto our more than 5 favorites!

1. Picture Perfect Reactions

       Jessica's parents' house had the most ideal entry way for a dramatic dress reveal! Jessica had only allowed her mom and sister to see her dress, and hadn't even described it to her bridesmaids. So, when Jessica wanted to do a big reveal to her life-long friends, having her appear at the top of the staircase was the perfect location! Jessica was not disappointed with her bridesmaid's reactions: they screamed, they 'ooh-ed' and 'ahhh-ed', and a couple even wiped away tears. Watching this series is the best way to show the reaction. Doesn't it make you want to do a dress reveal of your own!?!

2.  Inspired Church Picture

Reynolds-459Reynolds-459       Zach and Jessica got married at St. Louis Church in Owensville, OH. While Jessica wasn't a fan of the altar decoration and colors, she and Zach both loved the architecture of the arches and pillars of the church. After the ceremony and family formals, Molly had an inspiration for a breath-taking picture outside of the church.  With it being so dark outside, the church lights inside were glowing in a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Molly propped open all of the church doors, and balanced lights outside to illuminate the pillars, brick, and stained glass windows. She posed the bride and groom against one of the pillars, and BOOM!! Talk about a WOW shot!!

3. Throwback Shot

Reynolds-461Reynolds-461       While we were taking pictures of Jessica and Zach, Jessica specifically requested a picture that was similar to one that Molly set up for her engagement picture. Jessica wanted a picture of her and Zach leaning against one of the church pillars much like we had done with Jessica leaning against a tree with her face turned toward the sun during their engagement session. (Click here for a look back at their engagement session...it's #5!) Molly was so happy to oblige, and I love that Jessica thought to do this! The two images create a neat mirror from their engagement to their wedding, and we love it!

4. Father Daughter Dance

Reynolds--374Reynolds--374       Molly is a pro at capturing the emotion of the moment. And this picture simply speaks for itself. The lighting, the emotion...This image perfectly captures what father/bride dances are all about.

5. This is Why You Hire Us!

Reynolds-474Reynolds-474       You've realized by now that all of those beautiful, romantic pictures of Jessica and Zach were in the dark. I mean, it was pitch black outside! Jessica was wanting a more casual picture of her entire bridal party (rather than the formal ones at the church altar). Molly had everyone gather around the bride and groom on the steps leading into the church. This is where the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer comes in! First, it is incredibly difficult to properly balance the light to illuminate everyone appropriately without overexposing their faces or Jessica's bright white dress. Second, it's hard to trick the camera to focus properly when it's so dark outside. Third, when you have such a large group, you need to ensure that everyone is properly lit and no one's face is in shadow (so much easier said than done). Ultimately, you need to hire a professional photographer with all of the knowledge that Molly has, and all of the proper professional equipment needed for the picture to come out absolutely perfect! This picture perfectly captures all of their bridal party members and creates a fun memory of their day.

      Jessica & Zach: Thank you for hiring us for your wedding! We really enjoyed working with you!

      Readers: Which picture (or series of pictures) is your favorite!?


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