Q&A with Molly: 2!

February 11, 2015  •  3 Comments

      A few months ago, we asked our Facebook Fans their questions they were excited to have Molly answer. We decided to divide the questions into a couple of blog posts. You can read our first post here! Now made sure to address the remaining questions, take a look below! Enjoy!

How did you get involved in photography? ~Cheri Lehrter

      I get asked this question a lot. When I think about the source of my beginnings and inspiration, my answer depends on the day. After I thought long and hard about this I realized that photography has always been a part of my life. I know it sounds so cliché, but I can remember the very first camera I could actually call my own. My parents were very influential in my becoming a photographer. My dad has always had a fondness for photography. In fact, he was the yearbook photographer for his high school. Additionally, my mom has always had a deep appreciation for photography as an art form. It wasn't until high school that I learned I could do photography as both an art and a full time career. At that moment of realization, I decided I would be a professional photographer, and have never wavered or changed my mind. The rest is history! (I know, another cliché!) You can read the entire story of how I found my calling in the photography lab of my high school here in our first blog post.

Meadors-027Beautiful HighlightsThe gorgeous, warm glow on Jessica's face is courtesy of the sunset--always an ideal light for photographs!

What's your favorite camera and place to take wedding photos? ~Cheri Lehrter

      My favorite camera is the one I'm using at the moment of capture. I learned how to photograph on a Minolta camera, and use Canon equipment in my business today. That being said, I honestly can't say I favor one brand over another simply because I have not used every available camera body on the market.

      My favorite place to take wedding photographs? Tough question! My sincere answer is I don't have a specific place I like better than another because that changes on a regular basis. Even when I return to a place for a wedding or engagement session, I set a private challenge for myself. When returning to a location, I always find a new nook to pose the couple in or angle from which to photograph. That way, all of my photographs look unique to the couple who hired me. By holding myself responsible to this 'challenge' I force myself to follow the light. When I look for a location to capture a photograph it isn't always about the prettiest background but I guarantee it is the prettiest light

Breath-Taking Bridal PortraitNot the most beautiful or exciting background (it was in a conference room), but the highlights on Kristen's face, veil and dress come from a nearby window. The light in this portrait is perfectly balanced which always, always makes for an amazing photograph!

Have you ever taken photos of classic cars or motorcycles? ~Cory Ryherd

      I have taken photographs of a motorcycle, but not for commissioned work, just on a personal level. When my husband bought his Harley motorcycle, he was excited to have me commemorate the occasion with portraits of him next to and on the bike.

      Honestly, any free time I have for photography, I spend taking pictures of flowers or my kids. By photographing more than just engagements and weddings, I keep my skills sharp. Not only that, but doing so keeps photography as my passionate hobby as well as my profession.


Grosse_Tiny_ wondersGrosse_Tiny_ wonders


If you would have tomorrow completely to yourself, what would you do? ~Michael Voegele

      In reality, probably think about how much I miss my husband and kids. Life is too quiet and boring without my favorite people around!

What's most rewarding about photographing a wedding? ~Michael Voegele

      I'm glad someone asked this question! So many emotions come from working with a couple on one of the most important days of their life. There is a lot that is rewarding about photographing a wedding in particular. For example, during a projection session when a bride tells me she had no idea something happened that I captured; or she was so engrossed in the moment she didn't know where I was in the room. That means she trusted me, and I did my job very well. Or when she cries because she is so overwhelmed with emotion from seeing her wedding images for the first time. It's incredibly gratifying for me.

      Personally, what is so rewarding for me is the fact that what I am doing today is going to be cherished by future generations. I love to look at old wedding photographs from my grandparents and great-grandparents. Even though I do not know who the photographer was, I appreciate the fact that they were there. (Read more about my philosophy on this here.) To know that 100 years from now someone will be looking through their great-grandparent's wedding albums, filled with my photographs is so humbling and inspiring to me. 

Can you think of another question for Molly to answer? Let us know in the comments below!


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Great question, Mary. Thank you for asking! We may have to work that into another blog post--stay tuned!
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This more of a question vs. a comment. If you could give any advice to brides and grooms concerning their choice of photographers, what would you advise?
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