5 Favorites from Lindsay & Zach's Engagement Session

March 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

      We absolutely love when a couple approaches us with a unique idea for their engagement session. Lindsay and Zach are one such couple, and they are getting married later this year! Late last summer we met them at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Burlington, KY because--hold onto your hearts--Lindsay and Zach met in GRADE SCHOOL!! Seriously, how sweet is that?! Now that they are both out of college and working with kids (Lindsay is a grade school teacher, and Zach is a pediatric physical therapist) they are excited to be finalizing their wedding plans. They wanted their engagement pictures to be taken somewhere that was meaningful to them, so they chose their former grade school. Molly and I were thrilled to have a new challenge of photographing a session in a school! We had a blast seeing where their story began and learning more about them as a couple. Here are 5 of our favorites from that warm, summer afternoon!

Photograph 1: The Gym

      We started in the gym. Both Zach and Lindsay are athletes, so they had many fond memories of games, matches, and pep rallies in the gym. We love this picture because of the lighting and the posing. Molly had a chance to play with different lighting techniques during their session, and a dark gym provided the perfect starting point! Molly was able to perfectly highlight both Lindsay and Zach's faces with this shot and pose, making them the focal point of this shot. Also, it's a challenge to pose a couple in the middle of a gym, but how sweet and comfortable do they look snuggled together? This is a perfect shot to both preserve their memories of their school, but also show how much they have grown together over years.

Photograph 2: Class is in Session

      After the gym, we wandered the school visiting classrooms and locations that Lindsay and Zach remember from their school days. This cute shot was in the school's science lab. Molly asked them to pose together with Zach's arm around Lindsay. When Molly asked him to turn and whisper to her, Lindsay breaks out into her contagious smile. We love a natural response, like a sincere smile--just what Lindsay has! Her reaction to Zach is the highlight of this photograph and the reason we love it so much!

Photograph 3: Looking Ahead

      Most of the classrooms had a wall of windows which led to some wonderful opportunities to get pictures with the natural light of the windows. The light is one of the reasons this picture made the top 5! Lindsay and Zach are perfectly posed looking into the light. And that light perfectly highlights the curves of their faces, their eyes, even Lindsay's hand and ring! They are both focused in the same direction with Lindsay's head sweetly resting on Zach's. This is a perfect example of the kind of lovely pictures we enjoy capturing during engagement sessions!

Photograph 4: Picture on the Swing

      Lindsay specifically requested a picture of her and Zach using a swing on the school playground. And we are so glad they did because we got this sweet gem of a photograph to share! We love this picture not only for Lindsay and Zach, but also for the technical aspects of it. Lindsay and Zach are the main focal points, but they are not centered in the frame, adding a depth of composition to it. And the exposure is spot on because you can see all of the fine lace detail in Lindsay's blue dress. 

Photograph 5: GOAL!

      As you can tell from this post, when given the chance, Molly enjoys incorporating distinct settings and props into engagement pictures. So, when Lindsay mentioned that she played soccer from when she was a young girl through college, we wanted to make sure we included that activity in their engagement pictures. Molly took them to the goal at the end of the field for this picture. You can tell they are standing in a soccer goal, and their faces are perfectly framed through the net. The net is an obvious part of the image, but in no way detracts from the overall feeling of love and happiness. This picture is our top favorite from Lindsay and Zach's fun and creative engagement session! 

Lindsay and Zach, we are so excited for your June wedding this year! Thank you for choosing us as your photographer!

Readers, what do you think of their engagement session location? What's your favorite picture?


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