5 Favorites from Celia & Logan's Wedding

April 14, 2015  •  2 Comments

      Celia and Logan are two incredibly brave people who planned their outdoor wedding in MARCH!! Their gamble paid off Big Time with a gorgeous, warm, and sunny intimate wedding ceremony and reception! They had their wedding at Camp Kern where they met when they were camp counselors--they even return to Camp Kern for 1 week every summer to help out and reminisce on how they met. Celia and Logan planned their wedding with touches of beautiful yellow sunflowers and bridesmaids dresses to make the day seem even sunnier. They are an incredibly sweet and kind couple who worked hard to plan the wedding of their dreams, and enjoyed every second of it!

Photograph 1: A Couple in Love

Montgomery-024Montgomery-024       You know that Molly and I go weak in the knees over a touching black and white photograph, and this one is no different. In fact, we think that making this photograph black and white makes the emotion stronger. Molly also loves the technical aspects of this: there's enough light reflecting off of Celia to illuminate Logan's face as he gazes at her. Celia's profile is perfectly lit from the light of the window. And no matter how many posing directions Molly offers, there's no way to pose the look of smitten love they are sharing. Looking at this picture just makes you smile to yourself imagining your own love, doesn't it?

Photograph 2: The Guys

Montgomery-040Montgomery-040       First, YES, Logan had that gigantic, mega-watt smile on his face for the entire day. I don't think we have ever seen a more expressive, excitable groom. He wedding party consisted of all of his lifelong close friends who were just as happy to be there as Logan was! (Which is the real reason we included this photograph, have you seen brighter, happier groomsmen anywhere!?) Their fun and playfulness seems to just jump out of this photograph! You can only imagine how quickly they gathered to take this informal picture, and how easy they made the day pass. It was so much fun to work with these gentlemen simply for how thrilled they were to be included as Logan's attendants.

Photograph 3: Presenting the Bride

Montgomery-079Montgomery-079       See?? Logan's still grinning! Logan's face while Celia walked down the aisle was the definition of delight as he waited to greet his bride. But, what we love about this photograph is the moment that Logan and Celia's Dad seem to have. I know we've mentioned before special occurrences as the bride's father walks them down the aisle as the ceremony is beginning. But, we haven't seen the groom and father of the bride greet each other so warmly and share a quick few words. Seeing Logan be so at ease with Celia's father was a heart-warming and sweet moment to witness.

Photograph 4: Epic Outdoor Wedding in MARCH!

Montgomery-096Montgomery-096       Celia and Logan held their wedding on what turned out to be the warmest, sunniest, prettiest day in March. Not only that, but check out how gorgeous their wedding location is! If it's this majestic and beautiful in March, (and also offers comfortable seating for guests!) can you imagine how beautiful it is when there are leaves on the trees? Or, if you're planning a fall wedding the colors of the leaves? Their ceremony was simple and elegant with the touches of yellow carried throughout, and surrounded by the forest and the blue sky...their day couldn't have been any more beautiful and enjoyable!

Photograph 5: Exchanging Vows

Montgomery-137Montgomery-137       I love when couples are creative and personalize their wedding day events. Celia and Logan exchanged their vows in a creative, intimate setting following their wedding ceremony. I have never seen this at a wedding day before, but I absolutely love their idea! Celia and Logan recited traditional vows during their ceremony, but following it they wanted to exchange confidential vows in a secluded setting. They decided to exchange their promises to each other in letters they wrote one another. Celia told me that they regularly leave notes for each other, so it just made sense for them to write out their vows and feelings in letters they can treasure forever. It's one of the most thoughtful, sweet moments I've seen incorporated into a wedding. This photograph is the look of love and commitment they shared as they finished reading their respective letters. Don't you love when so many emotions and thoughts are communicated between a couple in a single glace?

Celia and Logan: Thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your wedding day!

Readers: Which of these photographs is your favorite?


Molly Grosse Photography
Thank you so much Stephanie! Logan and Celia planned a beautiful day!
Stephanie Montgomery(non-registered)
Mother of the groom. To the photographers. Beautiful photos. You did an awesome job.
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