5 Favorites from Jen & Kris' Wedding!

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      Sometimes, when we go to choose our favorites from a couple's wedding, it's hard to narrow it down to only 5! This is one such wedding! Jen and Kris had the wedding of their dreams at the Hilton Netherland Plaza. Their 2 highest priorities (aside from celebrating their love) were to put on an unforgettable party for and absolutely pamper their guests. They also incorporated some ideas that I had never seen before, making their wedding incredibly unique! For example, Jen and Kris, along with Kris' 2 sons, are big board game players, so each table at their reception had a board game on it, and their guests LOVED it! They had guests playing games all night long! Jen made sure to choose flowers and décor that appropriately matched the breathtaking Hilton. Her dress even matched her venue, and the flowers--we felt instantly transported to the glamorous 1930's! What made their wedding even better: they built plenty of time into their day for Molly to take pictures of them throughout the hotel to capture all of the details they appreciate so much.

Photograph 1: The Dramatic Bridal Portrait

       Like I mentioned, Jen's dress seemed to match the venue, and no picture showcases that better than this one. This fantastic shot is full of rich architectural detail; and turning it black and white only increases the drama! The lights showcase the ceiling, and the dark rug makes the ideal frame for Jen. And check out that dress: simple and elegant, lace sleeves with just the right amount of beading on the torso; her dress was incredibly flattering and beautiful! Through all of the intricate details in this shot, Jen remains the center and highlight in her wedding gown. One of my favorite things about Molly's style of photography is she knows how to take a dramatic shot, but she also knows how to pose everyone to look their best. This picture of Jen in her wedding gown is a perfect example of that: Jen's face is turned toward the light for the  perfect illumination of her features, and you follow the light down to the beginning of her dress, her small waist, and her flared skirt. Gorgeous silhouette on a gorgeous bride!

Photograph 2: Look Familiar?

      If this picture looks familiar, it's for good reason! Molly and I loved this picture so much we got a large print made for our bridal show booths earlier this year. Even though they are not the center of the frame, your eyes are immediately drawn to the look of peace and love on Jen's face in the arms of Kris. Again, the black, white, and gray tones increase the drama and emotional impact of the picture. You feel as if you are witnessing their embrace from a distance, but can still feel the intimacy of it. Molly made to sure to include the detail of the light to serve as a secondary focus. I think this photograph will be gracing the walls of our studio for years to come!

Photograph 3: Unique Groom Entrance

      Not only did Kris and Jen throw quite the party for their guests, they really made sure to keep their families at the center of their day. Doing so led to some truly precious memories. This is one such moment--Kris was escorted into the ceremony with his parents on either arm. We LOVED this tender moment! His parents were honored to be such an important focus of the ceremony. But look at Kris' expression here. Rarely do we see such pride and happiness as a groom enters the wedding ceremony. It was a really special moment to witness.

Photograph 4: A Mother's Love

      Molly and I love with this picture of Jen's mom as she watches her daughter process down the aisle. It's always such a priority to see the groom's expression of love and excitement as his bride approaches, but this picture of Jen's mom is so incredibly sweet and emotional. She's looking at Jen with pure love and happiness, and being at her daughter's wedding, is understandably emotional. The story in this picture is also fantastic: Jen enters from the left frame as she walks down the aisle. Your eyes tend to stay on Jen's mom...I almost want to take a deep breath with her in this moment! As your eyes continue toward the right frame, you catch a glimpse of Kris in the distance with what you can only imagine is an expression similar to the one he had as he entered the ceremony.

Photograph 5: The Newlyweds!

      As Jen and Kris made their way back up the aisle as newlyweds, Molly had them pause for a kiss with their guests in the background. If you thought the picture of Jen's mom was full of emotion, this picture may just make your heart burst! In the background, you can see guests smiling and applauding the newlyweds after an emotional ceremony. Jen and Kris seem absolutely lost in the moment of newly married bliss. If you look really closely, a single tear is making its way down Jen's cheek. She is crying of happiness and love! Somehow, there aren't words to describe that feeling. But this picture comes pretty close to exemplifying it.

BONUS! Photograph 6: No Single Ladies!

Cole-399Cole-399       Knowing your guest preferences is important to keep in mind while planning your wedding. Jen and Kris knew that all of their guests were 'coupled' and there wouldn't be any single ladies attending. (Disclaimer: Jen, we hope you don't mind us sharing your stroke of genius with everyone!) Not wanting to miss out on throwing a bouquet, Jen had the best idea EVER!! As a surprise to their attendees, Jen and Kris had all of the gentlemen gather on the dance floor for the bouquet toss. The lucky catcher (Spoiler: it was Jen's brother) would then take the bouquet and present it to his date. Isn't that a Fantastic Idea!?! Just one example of how Jen and Kris planned the best reception possible for themselves and their guests!

Jen and Kris: Thank you, Thank you for hiring us to capture your gorgeous wedding memories! We loved being a part of your wedding day!

Readers: Which is your favorite photograph? Have you ever seen a more unique bouquet toss? I thought it was such a great idea!


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