Presentation is Everything!

April 09, 2015  •  1 Comment

      You know the story of how Molly and I met, and came to work together here at Molly Grosse Photography. (Need a refresher? Check out our story here!) What you may not realize is all of the new business techniques we have been consistently working to implement and improve since the fateful day in September 2013 that Molly hired me. We have altered which wedding professional organizations we belong to, and have experimented with which bridal shows bring us the highest return. I took an entire work week to chart every client Molly has ever booked to see what trends we could pick out and learn from to apply to future clients. If you are one of the smartest, most beautiful people in the world, you already know that we send regular newsletters with information on what we are doing, new blog posts, and wedding trends and advice. (Want to be included in that fabulous group?? You can contact us to receive our twice-monthly newsletters here!) And I'm sure you've noticed that our Facebook posts have increased dramatically and that we've added a Pinterest page!

IMG_2404Rhonda and MollyBefore the luncheon began, we paused for a moment with our title slide.

      While we knew all of our hard work was paying off, and Molly and I were watching the business grow by leaps and bounds, someone asked us to present our new practices to a group of our peers. We were so humbled and excited to give our presentation to other vendors in the wedding industry whom we hold in such high regard! Of course, we eagerly said yes, and yesterday we presented how we have grown our small business into a humming flurry of activity and success in 2015. We were nervous, but anxious to share how our new marketing strategies dramatically increased the number of beautiful brides and handsome grooms we get to work with every year! We let the data and statistics speak for themselves, hoping that we could help other small businesses in the area, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! We are so thrilled with how yesterday went, and spent quite a bit of time following the presentation speaking with other small business owners.

IMG_2406In Action!An 'action shot' of us during the Question/Answer part of our presentation

      We don't claim to be business experts, but it was invigorating to share what changes we have made to Molly Grosse Photography, and how those changes are making our business more successful. Honestly, we wouldn't be more successful without you: our readers and wonderful clients! So, THANK YOU for supporting us as we work to make Molly Grosse Photography better than ever! 

Have you ever made changes to your business that led to a big pay-off? What, if any changes, would you suggest for us? Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!




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