Happy Anniversary, Laura & James!

May 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

      What started out as an incredibly rainy day (on the way to their wedding, Molly had to circumnavigate a closed I-75 due to flooding!) turned out to be the most perfect spring afternoon for Laura & James' wedding last May! The sky turned a brilliant blue for their pictures before the ceremony, but that didn't stop Laura's dad and I (Rhonda) from carrying around umbrellas to ward off any errant raindrops! Laura had planned a gorgeous ceremony at Holy Cross Immaculata in Mt. Adams overlooking the city. Following a few pictures on the Mt. Adam Steps, we headed to Paul Brown for pictures on the 50-yard line and Laura & James' reception.  And for what Molly considers a bonus, they set aside a few moments to get some night pictures of the two of them from the top of the stadium with the gorgeous city lit up behind them. Laura and James planned a beautiful day surrounded by family and close friends, and we were so honored to be a part of it. Happy First Anniversary, Laura and James! Enjoy a look back at their day....


      Laura and James chose not to see each other before the ceremony, but we were able to get pictures with their individual families and bridal party members at similar locations in Eden Park. The timing and weather could not have worked out any better!

Danner-097Danner-097       We just love this picture of Laura and her bridesmaids walking in Eden Park with the trees in the background in bloom. The color of the dresses just seems to make all of the colors in this picture pop, doesn't it!?

Danner-329Danner-329       After the ceremony, Molly took this picture from a very unique angle of the bridal party in front of the church. The sunset provided truly perfect lighting on everyone's face and the brick in the background. We love this picture for many reasons, not the least of which is that we have never seen another photograph like it at this location!

Danner-319Danner-319       A beautiful photograph of the happy couple after their ceremony. The way they are looking at each other makes you want to feel that in love, doesn't it?

Danner-361Danner-361       In my opinion, one of the biggest perks when you have your reception at Paul Brown Stadium is the opportunity to get pictures taken on the 50-yard line on the field. How cool is that!? Laura, James, and their bridal party took advantage of that option, and spent some time on the field before heading into their reception.

Danner-373Danner-373       I'm convinced that Laura and James' wedding is what started Molly's enthusiasm for clients to book nighttime engagement sessions, or take night pictures during their wedding. It allows Molly practice, fun, and creativity with lighting to create perfectly illuminated, exposed memories for clients to have forever. And looking at this gorgeous photograph, how could we not have this as the last image for this post?

Happy 1st Anniversary, Laura and James! We wish you a lifetime of love, health, and happiness together! 

Readers: Which picture is your favorite? Have you been to a reception at Paul Brown Stadium before? 


1.Liz Danner(non-registered)
Thank you so much for posting these picturese and reminding us of what a special day that was. All the pictures you took were wonderful and we are grateful to have them to look at for years to come. Happy Anniversary James and Laura.
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