A Trip through Eden Park

June 10, 2015  •  2 Comments

      This week, we wanted to take an opportunity to discuss how Molly differs from other photographers! When you choose a photographer for your wedding, you want to choose someone who is able to read you and your partner, what makes you comfortable or laugh, and which poses most flatter the two of you. Something to keep in mind when looking at photographers: Variety is Key! You want to see different poses, different lighting, and a variety of angles from which photographs are taken. Most importantly, you want your photographs to look unique! You want your photographs to look like you were the first couple to have their engagement session or reception at a particular location. No one can explain her process better than Molly herself, so take it away, Molly!

      With every photography session, whether it be wedding or engagement, or family, I try to make each look different. You may wonder, how can multiple sessions at the SAME location really look different?  I will show you with my many, MANY visits to Eden Park! Eden Park has been the backdrop for plenty of sessions I have photographed over the years; and because I hold myself to this "make every session different and personal" philosophy, I ensure I will never grow bored with this location. I want to feel the same excitement for each session even if it's my tenth time to that location in 3 months.  

For example, these 3 images were captured by and on the same wall.

423398_10152021533245361_345732312_n423398_10152021533245361_345732312_n   IMG_0069IMG_0069

      I am convinced excitement transfers to my clients; and truly happy, excited clients make the best portrait models! Eden Park is 186 acres and every time I'm there I find a new location or a different view of the same location. Another of my "Photography Philosophies" is to not scout a new area before a session. I do this because I don't want to have a preconceived thought of what a location will look like. I follow unique lighting for my portraits, and seeing the lighting for a client's session serves at least 50 percent of my creative inspiration. I draw my remaining inspiration from my clients in front of the lens. 

Can you tell the next 4 photographs are all from around Twin Lakes? The bottom two images are obviously from the same engagement session, (and nearly the same location), but each provides a distinct and different feeling. 
Danner-059Danner-059 Morgeson-52Morgeson-52

      Eden Park is probably one of the most popular places in Cincinnati for engagement and wedding photography sessions, and some locations within the park are certainly busier than others. The foot bridge across Twin Lakes is one of those popular destinations; on any given beautiful day your chances of seeing a photographer there with clients is very high. Oftentimes, I am forced to look for new and different locations just because of the crowd. I don't want to spend time waiting in line to take a picture that looks similar to other photographer's work! And you, as my client, don't want pictures that everyone else has! In looking for alternate locations, more often than not, that new location is right behind us!

      For example, the next 2 images were captured within FIVE FEET of each other! You can clearly see the bridge in the image on the left. The picture on the right shows just a hint of the bridge in the background. See what I mean?? Same location, different angle of view!




These photographs are both taken by Mirror Lake, another incredibly popular location within Eden Park.


       To be honest, location isn't the primary reason I choose a spot for photograph, the way the light plays on an area draws me in more. Look at the top left picture in this next series. The light from the setting sun perfectly highlights Jessica & Zach's faces as well as bringing out details in the bark behind Jessica. The light in the top right photograph illuminate's not only Mallory and Paul's faces, but also her baby bump during her maternity session. What about the light do you think most drew me to take the bottom 2 images?

Nazzaro-8Nazzaro-8 Klopfstein-013Klopfstein-013


      Here's a secret: I don't always seek out unique and different locations. (I know, *gasp!* right?!) When the opportunity presents itself, I can't help but take my clients to the highest point in Eden Park to capture the beautiful view of the Ohio River! This overlook is one of my favorite spot for pictures. You'll notice that although I take multiple clients to this exact spot, with the same background on the same wall...each of their pictures turn out differently, even with similar poses! It's all about changing the angle from where I'm photographing them!

Morgeson-46Morgeson-46 Meadors-025Meadors-025



       I hope with this "tutorial" you can see that part of my work ethic and value is providing my clients with unique, creative, personalized photographs that they, and their families, will cherish forever. I hope you'll consider me for your wedding or special event photography! Thank you for reading!


P.S. Let me know which part of Eden Park is YOUR favorite!




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