5 Favorites from Megan & Amit's Engagement Session

July 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

      We were really looking forward to Megan & Amit's engagement session a couple weeks ago. They are such a cute, fun couple and we were eager to get to know them better in advance of their Spring 2016 wedding. We met at Eden Park and took an enjoyable stroll through the park and part of Mt. Adams. The entire time, Megan and Amit were smiling and barely stopped laughing! We had such a great time with them and are SO excited for their wedding next year! Here are our 5 favorite from their engagement session:

Photograph 1: Sweet Smiles

      This is one of the first shots from their engagement session, and we just love it! See how big their smiles are? They were grinning from ear to ear the entire time! I also like this picture because it's such a simple, casual, natural pose. Amit is easily holding Megan in his arms which she gazes lovingly into his eyes. And I love the easy placement of her hand showing off her engagement ring. All around, a very happy picture!

Photograph 2: Mt. Adams Tree       I like this picture because of all the details! The tree provides a visually interesting background and a perfect framework for Megan and Amit. Adding to the artistic feel of this picture, Molly made sure that Megan and Amit were positioned right in the middle of the tree; but Molly didn't center Amit and Megan in the picture. By having them slightly right of center allows your eyes to further travel all of the tree trunks which lead back to the happy couple. Megan wore the absolutely ideal hue to provide a pop of color against all of the brown and green in this picture. Her shirt works to draw your eye to her and Amit and up to their glowing faces. This is such a fun picture!

Photograph 3: Romantic Black & White

     Amit and Megan even keep their smiles as they go in for a quick kiss! You know that Molly and I love black and white because it adds drama, but also helps the viewer to focus on the emotions of the photograph. This is no exception! Despite being on the right side of the frame, your eye is immediately drawn to Amit and Megan as they lean into each other. You feel the love and warmth from this picture, and I think, can easily imagine kissing your significant other with this much love and happiness. Looking at this image further just makes you want to smile and sigh....

Photograph 4: Story Behind the Picture

      I try to always include a picture with a story behind it. This picture has a great story behind it. When on any photography session, Molly truly "follows the light" if she sees something that has a beautiful natural illumination or gorgeous sun reflection, you better believe we'll be heading there for at least a couple pictures! Here, Molly thought the rugged stairs would be a perfect background detail and was trying to find the ideal sunspot shining through the surrounding trees. As she's studying and trying to find the correct spacing, Amit goes, "I found it!" and pulled Megan to him in a spot with their faces perfectly highlighted! I stared at them in amazement while Molly incredulously asked, "How did you know what I was looking for?!" Turns out Amit has some stage experience and picked up on Molly looking for unique lighting throughout their engagement session! This is a first for us! We've never had a client anticipate what we were looking for before! And turns out Amit was right! This picture has the perfect amount of light, and Molly thinking those stairs would provide a neat background was correct! Don't you love a great team effort with ideal results!?

Photograph 5: Absolutely Adorable!

      I feel strongly that every couple should have a picture like this! This photograph just ideally captures Megan and Amit's fun and loving nature. They are both laughing, but in a picture perfect way! Megan is beautiful: turned toward the camera with an easy, natural giggle on her face. Meanwhile Amit is squeezing her and focusing on her with the same laughter reflected in his expression. Images like this make you feel like you captured a true moment in time of a couple interacting and provide keepsakes that last a lifetime. Do you have a photograph like this of you and your partner?

Megan and Amit: We are so glad to be working with you! We are really excited for your wedding next year!

Readers: Which is your favorite photograph?


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