5...OR 6!! Favorites from Lindsay & Zach's Wedding

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      If you recall from their engagement session, Lindsay and Zach have one of those movie-like love stories in which they have known each other since grade school! After their engagement session at their grade school last August, it was finally time for their wedding, and we were so looking forward to it! They had a simply gorgeous day for a wedding at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Doing so allowed Lindsay to add all kinds of beautiful, personal details to her wedding day (like setting up the library with plenty of family photos). All of Lindsay's planning led to an incredibly smooth, relaxed wedding day. Their families were so nice and supportive, and we had so much fun with their bridal party. I'll admit, it was hard to narrow down their pictures to just 5, (The lighting for their formals was so perfect!!) So, there may be an extra one included!

Photograph 1: THAT DRESS!

Cahill-051Cahill-051       You well know that Molly's favorite part of the day is seeing what the bride's dress looks like, and Lindsay's dress certainly didn't disappoint! It was off white with a hint of pink in the skirt. Her dress was dramatic, flattering, and absolutely gorgeous! It is one of the more unique dresses we have seen. The button detail down the length of the full skirt, and the beading on the top with the sleeves and satin belt...this was a dress you expect to see in a celebrity magazine, and we loved every detail of it!

Photograph 2: Dad's First Look

Cahill-048Cahill-048       We have set up first looks for the father of the bride in a variety of locations, but Lindsay's dad's first look was stunning! We were able to set it up outside and the lighting was perfect! I love pictures that are taken from over the bride's shoulder because it gives the image perspective. Not only does it complete the story of what is going on when Molly took the picture; but they strongly evoke emotion. Lindsay will be able to look at this picture forever and be reminded of the pure delight, love, and joy her Dad had on his face when he saw her in her wedding dress for the first time. To me that makes a picture priceless, isn't it!?!

Photograph 3: Natural Beauty

Cahill-234Cahill-234       One of Molly's skills as a photographer that I find difficult to describe to prospective clients is her ability to take stunning photographs that not only highlight the beauty of the couple getting married, but of the location they chose for their pictures. This picture is not only a gorgeous representation of Lindsay and Zach stealing a quiet moment in the woods, it also truly showcases the beauty of the Cincinnati Nature Center. It also provides an excellent example of Molly's method of "following the light." Lindsay and Zach are perfectly positioned in sunlight filtering through the trees to provide just enough light to detail the entire picture, while also highlighting Zach's face as he gazes at Lindsay. This picture is stunning for Lindsay and Zach, and a perfect example of Molly's photography style!

Photograph 4: Ideal Cake Cutting Location! Cahill-322Cahill-322       Lindsay and Zach chose the ideal location to have their cake cutting! (And you know we love unique cake cutting locales!) It was off the dance floor, inside the house, tucked into a corner of the library. Lindsay had brought lots of decorations for the library shelves, making the room more personal and intimate for their wedding. Having the cake cutting in the library provided not only an interesting, sentimental backdrop for their pictures; it also allowed for plenty of guests to watch. AND Molly was able to get several pictures from several angles since there was plenty of room!

Photograph 5: GOAL Garter Toss Idea!

Cahill-399Cahill-399       We choose favorites not only for the artistry and beauty of the picture, but also because they represent the couple or to showcase what great creativity they had when planning their wedding. This picture is one such photograph! One of Zach & Lindsay's passions is playing soccer, and they had a GREAT idea for their garter toss! Instead of Zach taking off Lindsay's leg, they wrapped a garter around a small soccer ball. Zach then threw that to the crowd of single guys! This allowed for a better catch of the garter, and Zach to toss it more effectively than we normally see. I just love when couples take age-old wedding traditions and redefine it as their own, especially in such a fun way!

BONUS Photograph: What Every Bride Should Look Like on Her Wedding Day

Cahill-230Cahill-230       I wasn't lying when I said that Lindsay and Zach had the ideal, picture-perfect day for an outdoor wedding! So many of their pictures came out absolutely gorgeous with the lush green backgrounds and balanced natural light. I couldn't resist including one more picture of Zach and Lindsay looking so happy and in love! I think on her wedding day, every bride should have a look on her face like Lindsay's: blissfully happy, effortlessly gorgeous, and so in love she doesn't have a care in the world.

Lindsay and Zach: THANK YOU for choosing us for your wedding photography! We were honored to share in your day with you and wish you a lifetime of love, health, and happiness together!

Readers: Which of the above 5 (or 6) pictures is YOUR favorite??


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