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September 18, 2015  •  6 Comments

      Molly and I wanted to start our fall off with some studio updates, particularly the windows. For awhile now, we have have been wanting our business name at eye level for passersby to know who took the fantastic photographs in our windows. We have a large sign with our name on it, you can see it in the first picture below (unfortunately, more often than not, it is obscured by the limbs of the nearby tree), but we were wanting something to scream "Molly Grosse Photography" on our front windows. So, we finally decided to do something about it!

      You and I both know that Molly is a very artsy, creative person. She has devoted her life and education to photography! But DID YOU KNOW that Molly has other artistic talents as well?!? She can sketch, draw, AND PAINT!!! I had no idea! So when she suggested that she paint our logo on the front windows, I didn't even know it was possible for her to do so! She knew what type of paint to purchase (that right there is above and beyond my knowledge and creativity!), which brushes would work best, and went to town! Then, the second day of painting she showed up with an honest-to-God REAL artists' easel. I kid you not! It was a French Easel, (again, did YOU know that there were different types of easels?? I didn't.) and the legs of the easel could fold up for easy transport. That conversation led to Molly explaining the differences of acrylic versus oil paint, why she chose this specific brand and quality of acrylic paint, etc. I was in awe! I love to see creativity in action, and watching Molly paint the logo on the front window gave me a whole new appreciation for her abilities. On with the pictures!

      Always start with a "before picture." You can't properly "oooohhh" and "aaaahhhh" without truly seeing the improvements made on any project. When Molly first purchased the building, she added blinds to the top panes of the windows to try to subdue how vast and tall they are (they're nine feet tall!). So, our first move was to remove the blinds and embrace all of the beautiful sunlight that filters in and how gorgeous the window size is! (Note: I took all of these pictures for the use of this post, so please don't blame Molly for their quality!)


Then, Molly got to work. We taped the banner we bring to bridal shows on the window so Molly was able to trace the logo. I know what you're thinking--tracing the logo isn't the same as free painting it. By tracing it, we ensured our logo was both straight and properly to scale. Plus, tracing it is harder than it looks. The one letter I tried to assist with was promptly redone by Molly....we both agree I should stick to writing on this blog for my creative outlet! ;)


I told Molly she obviously knows what she's doing. She sticks out her pinkie finger to provide stability for her hand and everything!


We finished our little project just in time for the Reading Bridal District Show last night. So, those of you who attended got a sneak peek! Here are the After Shots:



Incredibly eye-catching, right?? Gorgeous, elegant, and now we are so easy to find when you are walking on the street! My contribution was planting the purple mums. You're welcome.


On the other window, we put our website address. That way, if anyone wants more information, they can easily find it! 

ATT_1442589844728_20150917_194904ATT_1442589844728_20150917_194904 Of course, these windows look even more impressive and inviting in person! We absolutely love them, and are so happy to have our name at eye level again! (Reminder: I (Rhonda) took these pictures, so I apologize for the poor quality of them. I wanted to give everyone an overall idea of the window improvements!)

Are you as impressed as I am with Molly's artistic abilities?!? What do you think of our little studio update?


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