Here Comes Santa!

The Holidays are approaching fast, don't forget to schedule your Pictures with or without Santa.  


Here are the details:


30 minutes with Santa and no lines!


Use Coupon Code 


to save 20% on all product and print orders of $30.00 or more

$45.00 per session

3 printed portrait sheets available at the end of your session

1 sheet can include 3 4x6's; or 2 5x7's, or 1 8x10)

Additional sheets $15.00 each

Access to your images online with more products available

25% discount on print and product orders placed online!

 Pets welcome

 I want to see Santa



Read our blog post about Santa Pictures


Pictures with Santa are in our studio located in the heart of Reading, Ohio.  Each year the backdrop is different, so now is your chance to start a fun tradition that will never get boring.

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