Molly Grosse Photography: Blog en-us (C)2008-2018 Molly Grosse Photography (Molly Grosse Photography) Fri, 02 Feb 2018 17:12:00 GMT Fri, 02 Feb 2018 17:12:00 GMT Molly Grosse Photography: Blog 80 120 8 Tips for a Better Bridal Show Experience Bridal shows are an important, integral part of the wedding planning process. They are a fun event for your favorite wedding planning helpers to get together for an entertaining, informative day of all things wedding! It's a bonding time to plan and dream for the big day. But bridal shows can also be stressful and overwhelming. Here, we've outlined some advice to make sure your experience will be more informative and productive! Good luck and enjoy the show!

1. Pre-register or buy tickets in advance

This will save you time since you won't have to wait in line to purchase tickets at the door; but most shows sell tickets at a discount price ahead of time. You might also be able to score free show admission tickets if you start your search early! Are there vendors that are going to be at the show that you are interested in speaking with? Approach them before the show and ask if they have a stash of free tickets.

2. Form a Plan! 

Limit the number of categories you are wanting to visit/research at the show. Large bridal shows can have at least 100 vendors, and going into it without a plan can lead to a completely overwhelming, stressful day. And take it from us, the blank, glassy-eyed gaze tells us you are on the verge of information overload. Are you newly engaged and looking for a venue? Stick to only checking out the venues participating in the show. However, sampling cake along the way is a completely acceptable distraction! 

Bridal Show BoothMolly Grosse Photography's booth at Bridalrama, Feb. 2014

3. Do Your Homework

This goes hand-in-hand with forming a plan for the show. Take some time to research the show and which vendors will be present. Think about the vendors you are going to visit, and come up with a list of questions to ask. Is your wedding in 6-9 months? Perfect time to be booking your photographer and DJ, and every bridal show has several to choose from! Approaching each vendor with a list of specific questions, or what you are wanting included with your contract, or any special requests you may have, tells vendors you are serious about booking. I guarantee vendors will appreciate that you have taken the time to research, giving them the ability to offer a more in-depth consultation and explanation of how they can offer the package you want.

4. Come Prepared!

One of our most useful pieces of advice? Print your own address label sheet and bring it with you. Make sure to include your name, your fiancee's name, your wedding date, phone number and email address. That way, if you want a vendor to send you more information, or you want to register for a give-away, you're not wasting time filling in the blanks on their sign up sheet. Don't forget your checkbook or credit card just in case you end up putting down a deposit. And our second most important piece of advice? Wear comfortable shoes! You're going to be strolling through a show for a couple of hours, so comfy feet are a must!

Fashion ShowModels show off wedding dress options at a recent bridal show.

Fashion show from Bridalrama

5. Ask to schedule a Meeting

Say you meet a photographer at the show, and you really like their style and pictures.  It's okay if you're not prepared to book them at the show. Ask if you book a meeting in the week after the show. 

6. Buyer Beware!

As much are you are hiring wedding professionals for a good price, make sure you are also comfortable speaking with them. If you find a professional is being 'too pushy' or you feel intimidated to disagree with their suggestions, consider booking someone else. Their personality is not likely to change before your wedding comes around. Believe me, you don't want the added stress of dealing with someone you aren't comfortable with, or experiencing regret when something doesn't turn out exactly as you wanted. Wedding professionals are in the business to form a relationship with you and make your wedding everything you want it to be!

CrowdAt peak times bridal shows can be incredibly busy, making it difficult to see all of the vendors you are interested in speaking with.

7. Avoid the Crowd

Hate fighting the crowd or travelling with what seems like the same group of people throughout the entire show? We much prefer to have a few moments to chat with you and answer preliminary questions instead of handing you a postcard that you put in your bag to look at later. Beat the crowd by being one of the first guests at the doors as soon as they open. Or, are you not a fashion show person? Take that time to walk around the vendors. Chances are that the booths are nearly empty during this time, and you have a great opportunity to speak with vendors at length about your wedding plans! 

8. Last, but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! You're planning a wedding--enjoy the moment!

Did we forget any additional pieces of advice you would add? When was the last time you went to a bridal show? What did you think?

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How to Make your Cake Cutting Photo Ready!      In our effort to give advice on unique wedding and reception-related subjects, we thought it might be helpful to both the wedding couple and their photographer to give some advice for cutting and feeding each other cake. The cake cutting (or pie cutting, or cupcake sharing, etc.) is a standard at any wedding reception. It is often a moment of uncertainty and intimidation for the couple getting married: where should the cake be placed? When/how do we cut it? Should we feed each other nicely or do an in-your-face-down-your-dress-and-up-your-nose smash? While we can't help you answer that particular question, we can give you 6 friendly tips on what to take into consideration for your cake cutting!

1.) Location, location, location!

     Depending on your reception location, the size of the room, and how many guests you have, it's not always possible to have your cake table anywhere but in a corner or against a wall. But ask your venue contact if there's any way to have your cake closer to the middle of the room: maybe on the dance floor, then move it after the cake cutting for the caterers to slice up and distribute to guests? Envision your cake table in a corner. Think of how narrow the area will be: the corner/walls take up 2/3 of the perimeter of your cake table! The space that you do have will have  to fit you and your new spouse against one wall with your photographer standing almost right next to you. This would make it difficult to properly frame the picture with the two of you and the cake. Then, when you turn toward each other to feed each other a bite, one of you will have your back to your photographer making it impossible to capture both of your facial expressions when you feed each other. Then there's your family members and friends who rush to see you cut and eat the cake: where will they be standing? Ultimately, the more room you allow yourselves for cutting the cake, the more room your photographer will have to move around or get in a perfect position.


     The above photograph proves the exception to this advice. If there is a place your photographer can go to get creative, angled shots (like a balcony or staircase!) then consider your venue and reception exempt! 

2.) Don't Cut the Top Layer

     Maybe you are saving the top layer for your first anniversary. Maybe you're not. Either way, reaching up at that angle provides an awkward angle for your photographer. Nobody wants a picture of the underside of their arm or their armpit on their wedding day! Plus, the reaching leads to your hands blocking your face! So, stay safe and cut the lower layers of your cake. 

The WoodlandCake cutting at the Woodland.

3.) One Word: STAY

     This one gets tricky when you're in the moment, but all we ask is that you do your best to STAY close to each other both when cutting the cake and feeding each other. And, STAY close to each other for the best 'first bite' picture. Often, a couple will inadvertently shift to one side or the other to feed each other cake. When this happens, the photographer is playing catch up and is forced to change their position: something that is difficult if there is a crowd of people gathered nearby for your cake cutting!

At The GrandCake cutting at the Grand Ballroom in Covington, Kentucky

4.) Check in with your Photographer

     I know, common sense, right? But, when you're in the moment, you may block out everything around you. We include this tip as a gentle reminder to take a few seconds to make sure your professional photographer is ready for you to cut the cake. This moment is a popular one for wedding guests, and you just want to ensure your photographer is as ready as you are, and in the perfect position! That said, do your best to tune into any direction your photographer may give you.

     "Horror" story time! We were working a wedding with lots of guests (over 200). At this wedding, the cake cutting moment had us against a wall across the cake table from the bride and groom. Molly's doing an excellent job of making the best of a tight situation and directing the couple where to cut the cake and where to stand for their first bite. Just as they are putting the piece of cake on a plate, somebody's uncle yelled, "Hey you two! Look over here!" This loud directive led them to shift their bodies and BOTH of them inadvertently turned their backs to Molly for their first bite. Neither Molly or her second photographer anticipated this drastic of a shift and despite their best efforts and fast ninja moves, the shot of the first bite was missed.

     Worst possible thing to happen on a wedding day? Nah. But missing the true emotion of the moment and having to pose the couple for a second "first bite" among all of the excitement and crowd movement wasn't easy.

 5.) Aren't Sure What You're Doing? ASK!

    We have literally seen hundreds of cake cuttings, so we've learned a thing or two and are happy to give you advice or directions when you're standing at the table. Depending on where your reception is, your venue contact or event planner is also nearby ready to lend a helping hand. We know you've cut cakes before at birthday parties, but cutting your wedding cake with two of you holding a knife isn't easy! So, please ask us if you need a few last minute pointers!

6.) Don't Stress: Enjoy the Moment!

     With all of this advice, we don't mean to stress you out! It's a really sweet, happy tradition you are choosing to include in your wedding, so make sure to enjoy it! 


     Little hiccups happen, but keeping a few extra things like this post in mind just ensures that your wedding photographs will be perfect! 

     Did this advice help you think about where to place your cake table and plan for your cake cutting? Do you have any advice we missed?

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A little advice about Sparkler exits Hi Readers,

Sparkler exits are a really great way to add excitement to your night, but before you plan it consider this: Gambill-519Gambill-519

Invest in the large/long sparklers.  These sparklers last longer and produce more light. 

Plan to do it at least 2 times.  Making sure we get the perfect shot during your sparkler parade means we may ask you to "do it again!"  The first time through you'll be excited and may walk or run a little to fast.  That's okay because we love to capture that excitement!  Plus, if you do it again you could do something different like kiss or twirl, adding drama or whimsy to the image.

Don't wait until the end of the night.  I know this sounds counterintuitive, but on average 75-80% of your guests will most likely be gone before the last song is played.  With fewer guests to light your way, you will be disappointed with the final result.  

Consider doing a sparkler entrance and be guaranteed a larger number of guest participation.  But keep in mind this may be harder to do if you will be arriving to your reception venue while the sun is still up.  

Call it a sparkler celebration.  Worried your guests may think "um...this is weird" because you are doing your sparklers early in the evening.  Change the name and call it a Sparkler Celebration instead.  Let your guests help you celebrate your first dance or cake cutting by forming a tunnel of sparklers afterwards.  

Video provided by Petite Productions Videography   

Talk to your reception venue.  This is the most important piece of advice, other than don't burn your self!  Ask your venue if this is okay and to give you the best possible locations.  After all you don't want to catch anything on fire! 

Any advice I've missed?  Let me know in the comments!




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Wedding photography timelines Hi Readers,

Under the VeilUnder the VeilBride and groom enjoy the moments after their ceremony in each other's arms.


Wedding photography Downtown CincinnatiWedding photography Downtown Cincinnati

Bride getting ready on her wedding dayBride getting ready on her wedding dayBride getting ready on her wedding day at Cooper Creek.

So the hardest part about planning a wedding is the timeline. Yes even harder than the seating chart!  Now I don't plan the entire day out with you, that's the job of a planner, unless you are going to brave the elements yourself, Hats off to you!  I do, however, help you plan your photography timeline.  I have a very "fun" questionnaire you fill out with so many exciting questions!  You will never want it to end, I promise....(ok this is sarcastic) but this questionnaire is REALLY important!

The questionnaire helps you think about all the important things you want photographed on your wedding day. Things like, Grandma, Uncle Joe and that one cousin on your mom's side of the family that you haven't seen since you were a kid.  These important things don't just stop at the favorite people in your life but where you want to go and how long you want to stay there.  We need this timeline to help keep you and your favorite people on time.  

Yes, we do become your time keepers and not to toot my own horn, we are pretty darn good at it!  Staying on time on a wedding day is very important to me and my staff because we don't want you to miss anything; like the start of your ceremony.  (that's a really really important one! So important that we start laying out your timeline with the start of the ceremony)  

However, things happen and pictures are missed because circumstances out of our control take longer than we (this "we" is a collective "we" meaning you, me and the rest of the party) thought or someone doesn't arrive on time.  Yes, we will sacrifice pictures to get you to your destination on time.  It's a sad thing but I'd rather you show up to the ceremony or reception venue at the time promised.  

Which brings me to a major struggle most clients face.  How much time do I really need on my wedding day?

Well, that answer is dependent on many factors.

  1. Will everything happen at one location or will we be traveling to multiple locations?
  2. Will you be doing a first look?
  3. Do you want getting ready pictures?
  4. How much of your reception do you want covered? Are you planning a fun send off or special dance at the end?

No matter what the answer is to these questions, I can help you figure out how much time you'll need.  Photography doesn't take as long as you may think and you may not need as much time as you first thought.  After all, I don't want your wedding day to revolve around your photography, 

So give me a call, text or email and let me know how I can help you!


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To do a first look or not? That is the question. Hi Readers,

First looks are one of those new-ish wedding traditions that are important to some and not so much to others, and either way you go is OKAY.  

Bride and groom seeing eachother during the first lookBride and groom seeing eachother during the first look

A little background on the first look, in case you don't know.  The first look is a moment you share with your spouse to be before your wedding ceremony.  It can be a very tender and emotional moment for both people involved and provide more opportunity for more images of you on your day. 


I had a couple not to long ago who did a first look to just get those tears out of the way.  Afterwards, the groom went back into hiding and I continued portraits with the bride as if they hadn't see each other.  

First looks have branched out beyond the couple seeing each other.  Some brides are doing a first look with Dad and even bridesmaids.  Revealing your enitre wedding day look to the very people who have been there helping you put it together make heartfelt, tear filled, happy images.  Watch this video to see an example of all three.

Why have one first look when you can have 3

I never try to convince anyone to do a first look if they don't want to.  I appreiciate the time old traditional of seeing each other at the end of the aisle at the start of your ceremony.  However, if a couple are on the fence, I may encourage them to do a first look simply for the fact of having more time together for pictures.

   First look at P&G GardenFirst look

Do you plan to have a first look?  I'd love to hear your opinion on this subject!!


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Why it's okay if I haven't been to your venue Hi Readers,

I want to clear up a few things about my thought process where it pertains to venues and locations for wedding days. First things first, the Greater Cincinnati Tri-state area has hundreds of existing venues and new venues popping up just about every month (Slight exaggeration, but it seems that way).  Don’t get me wrong I love the new venues and the opportunity to go to a new location is always exciting to me!

However, because we have so many locations to choose, claiming I have been to a majority or most of them is virtually/physically impossible (I’m just not old enough to have made it happen, yet!). 

So, this takes me to the two most asked questions I hear after, "how much does it all cost"?

  1. Have you been to my venue?
  2. Do you go and scout out the location before my wedding day?

No matter what the answer is to number 1, whether it’s yes or no, it doesn’t affect how I will photograph YOUR wedding on YOUR wedding day.  Even though there are SO many venues out there, I have been to many multiple times, but, when I return to a venue I go in as if I’ve never been before.

Let me explain this better.

When I arrive to a location I start scouting areas of interest.  An area that looks AWESOME today or at this very moment could be awful tomorrow or in 20 minutes, this is all based on the light. 

Bride and groom in front of Roebling Bridge Cincinnati, Ohio

This image was captured during the golden hour. A time of day where the sun is low in the sky and casts a beautiful yellow orange glow.  This only last for about an hour, hence the name “Golden Hour”. 

Now, if I would have tried to create this image 2 hours earlier this couple would most likely have been in the shadow of the bridge and the gorgeous light on their faces would have been nonexistent. 

If it would have been an over cast day, the results would also be different.  Here is an example of basically the same pose in almost the same location on an over cast day.

Bride and groom in front of Roebling Bridge Cincinnati OHIO

Instead of using the available light from the sun and surrounding area like in the first image, I decided to use a flash and create a moodier image.  The dramatic clouds begged to be exaggerated!

Again, if the sun would have been shining and it would have been a cloudless sky the results would have been much different.

I mentioned earlier:

“When I arrive to a location I start scouting areas of interest.”  Sometimes I will see a perfect location as we are walking from one spot to another.

For example:

We started here:   

Bride and groom with Cincinnati Skyline in backgroundRuby-508

This is 5-10 feet from the first spot:

Bride and groom with columnsRuby-527


Two images created in practically the same spot but are totally different. 

But this takes us back to question number 2.  If I would have scouted this location prior to the wedding day, even at the same time of day, it would have looked different.  I would have had a preconceived idea of what to do, which could possibly distract from what’s in front of me. 

The spontaneity of seeing the area in the moment helps me create the best image for that moment in time and I always bring the proper equipment to create a beautiful image in those unpredictable situations.

I hope this clears some things up for you and I hope you don’t fret if my answer to either of the questions above is “no”.


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This is all new Hi (Again) Readers,

This is the inaugural post to the new Molly Grosse Photography blog.  My blog has been on hiatus for a while, but I have so much to tell you now!!

First item of business, I'm starting over.  You may ask, but, what about all that great stuff your blog used to have on it?  Well it will be back, but I want to make a few changes first.   bride and groom with floating veil at P&G Gardens in Downtown CincinnatiSoltys-158

I have so many things I want to share with you so it's probably a good idea if you follow or re-follow this blog. :)  I know you will walk away with new ideas and really awesome thoughts you maybe didn't have before.

I'd like for you to see wedding photography (at least mine) in a new light, HEH, no pun intended, and hopefully learn a thing or two about wedding photography and wedding photography styles.

I also want you to get a little taste of my personality as the person who will hopefully or is photographing your wedding.  I get really excited over the small things and hope you will too!!  (When I say small I mean the little screen on the back of my camera...)  Okay... kidding but, that's part of it, especially when it's showing me an image that I LOVE!  Like this one with the veil. 

I want you to see my photography through my eyes.  We are going to play show and tell.  I will show you an image and then tell you what it is about that image that I think is AWESOME!!!!  (<<<side note: I love exclamation points!)  I promise this won't be as egotistical as it may sound.  I just really want you to know what I see, since it will be my style of photography in your wedding pictures.

I have some unusual advice for you.  Unusual, in that, it isn't the typical stuff you hear and read all the time.  This is the stuff that I have learned over the last 15 years of doing this.  It's stuff that really will mostly benefit your wedding photography, but that's why you are here so it's a good thing!

I'm sure I'll come up with some other stuff that I haven't thought of yet, but as for now I have a lot of things to do and getting this blog back up is one of them.  

Thank you for reading and come back for more!!!



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