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To do a first look or not? That is the question.

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Readers,

First looks are one of those new-ish wedding traditions that are important to some and not so much to others, and either way you go is OKAY.  

Bride and groom seeing eachother during the first lookBride and groom seeing eachother during the first look

A little background on the first look, in case you don't know.  The first look is a moment you share with your spouse to be before your wedding ceremony.  It can be a very tender and emotional moment for both people involved and provide more opportunity for more images of you on your day. 


I had a couple not to long ago who did a first look to just get those tears out of the way.  Afterwards, the groom went back into hiding and I continued portraits with the bride as if they hadn't see each other.  

First looks have branched out beyond the couple seeing each other.  Some brides are doing a first look with Dad and even bridesmaids.  Revealing your enitre wedding day look to the very people who have been there helping you put it together make heartfelt, tear filled, happy images.  Watch this video to see an example of all three.

Why have one first look when you can have 3

I never try to convince anyone to do a first look if they don't want to.  I appreiciate the time old traditional of seeing each other at the end of the aisle at the start of your ceremony.  However, if a couple are on the fence, I may encourage them to do a first look simply for the fact of having more time together for pictures.

   First look at P&G GardenFirst look

Do you plan to have a first look?  I'd love to hear your opinion on this subject!!



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