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Wedding photography timelines

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So the hardest part about planning a wedding is the timeline. Yes even harder than the seating chart!  Now I don't plan the entire day out with you, that's the job of a planner, unless you are going to brave the elements yourself, Hats off to you!  I do, however, help you plan your photography timeline.  I have a very "fun" questionnaire you fill out with so many exciting questions!  You will never want it to end, I promise....(ok this is sarcastic) but this questionnaire is REALLY important!

The questionnaire helps you think about all the important things you want photographed on your wedding day. Things like, Grandma, Uncle Joe and that one cousin on your mom's side of the family that you haven't seen since you were a kid.  These important things don't just stop at the favorite people in your life but where you want to go and how long you want to stay there.  We need this timeline to help keep you and your favorite people on time.  

Yes, we do become your time keepers and not to toot my own horn, we are pretty darn good at it!  Staying on time on a wedding day is very important to me and my staff because we don't want you to miss anything; like the start of your ceremony.  (that's a really really important one! So important that we start laying out your timeline with the start of the ceremony)  

However, things happen and pictures are missed because circumstances out of our control take longer than we (this "we" is a collective "we" meaning you, me and the rest of the party) thought or someone doesn't arrive on time.  Yes, we will sacrifice pictures to get you to your destination on time.  It's a sad thing but I'd rather you show up to the ceremony or reception venue at the time promised.  

Which brings me to a major struggle most clients face.  How much time do I really need on my wedding day?

Well, that answer is dependent on many factors.

  1. Will everything happen at one location or will we be traveling to multiple locations?
  2. Will you be doing a first look?
  3. Do you want getting ready pictures?
  4. How much of your reception do you want covered? Are you planning a fun send off or special dance at the end?

No matter what the answer is to these questions, I can help you figure out how much time you'll need.  Photography doesn't take as long as you may think and you may not need as much time as you first thought.  After all, I don't want your wedding day to revolve around your photography, 

So give me a call, text or email and let me know how I can help you!



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