Molly Grosse Photography | Cincinnati wedding photography answers to your questions

You have questions, we have answers

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: YOU serve as our main inspiration. We are further inspired by your family, your guests, and your venue. This unique approach ensures that your wedding images will be personalized and different than photographs from say, the previous weekend, even if you are at the same location. Our style is about capturing you as you are and the emotion of your wedding day. Our images have true and natural colors that capture your wedding day in all of its grandeur.

 Q: What is your highest priority on a wedding day?

A: Our top priority is to capture your day as it happens. Every wedding has its own ebb and flow and we do not disrupt that natural flow to benefit our needs.  We also want to be on time, and not keep guests waiting, so we help you create a timeline.   

Q. How many weddings to you schedule in a day?

A: We limit ourselves to One wedding a day.  

Q: Who is our main photographer?

A: When you book with Molly Grosse Photography, you will always get Molly as your primary photographer.  

Q: How far in advance should we book you? 

A: We normally book 8-10 months out. Most couples book us after they have booked their ceremony and reception venues chosen.

Q: How many photographers will be at my wedding?

A: Usually two, however sometimes a couple requests that Molly be the only photographer. No matter how many photographers you have we always have a photography assistant who keeps time, wrangles family and friends for formals, and checks off your requested portraits.

Q. Are you flexible with your wedding photography collections?

A: Yes! If you have specific requests, or want to personalize one of our collections, let us know! We're happy to work with you to create the exact collection that will best suite your needs for your wedding day.

 Q: Have you been to my venue before?

A: We have been to several venues for weddings, and if we haven't been to your venue before, don't let that concern you! Molly has an extensive background in Fine Art and Wedding Photography, and enjoys being inspired by and exploring new venues. As a rule, Molly always tries to find new and unique spots for picture opportunities, including venues she has been to before. Just because a venue tells her"This is where photographers typically go for pictures" doesn't mean Molly necessarily falls into step there. (For a perfect example of this, see our blog post of how Molly & Rhonda met.) Molly uses all of her knowledge and creativity to create stunning images that are worthy being placed on your wall.   

Q: Do you have mileage restrictions?

A: Not as long as all your locations are within the Greater Cincinnati area.  If your wedding is outside of this area some restrictions or mileage fees may apply.

Q: Do I need to provide a meal for Molly Grosse Photography employees?

A: We really appreciate that you do provide a meal for us.  The meal you provide can be a "vendor meal", ask your caterer about discounted meals for your vendors.  We prefer to eat when you do so that we are ready for the events that take place during and after dinner.  If we are not provided with a meal we may need to leave your reception and this could result in missed photography opportunities.

Q: Do I get a wedding album?

A: Yes!  Albums are incredibly important to us.  Your wedding album is the heirloom and keepsake that you pass down from generation to generation.  After all, your digital files will be obsolete by the time your great-grandchildren come along!

Q: Who picks the images for my album?

A: You do!  We believe: it's your album and you will be looking at it for years to come, so you should pick the images that you think best describes your day.  We can help you with choices if you would like. After you submit your album choices to us, Molly will design your album, then show you a proof for your approval. Your approval will be needed prior to us printing it.